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  1. I can't find this in the reddit app, is it not on mobile?

  2. Yes it is on mobile. If you click on your profile icon top right it should say "reddit recap" right under your karma.

  3. Sadly no, just my karma, my recent posts and profile, idk why 🤷‍♀️

  4. You started a few days ago and you're already on s3e5? We speak the same language.

  5. Yes, until your game crashes and you have to restart. Then your companion will just release them all over your valley.

  6. You can already do that with friends, Google "Netflix watch party" and there'll be some ways to do it

  7. Yes, I know, but it's mostly so you can watch it with your favourite streamer.

  8. Twitch is already doing that with Amazon prime, i saw a streamer doing a watch party, and when I went into the stream they asked my Amazon credentials

  9. Wow, it looks like I am taking everything seriously except for my exams. I just did a 30 minutes intense research on his posting schedule.

  10. It's already over, but I voted the moment he uploaded the video

  11. I picked 3. this will probably be the question that takes me out of the top 10

  12. Is it desktop exclusive or something? Because i am on my phone, reddit app ,and i don't see it. Where is the option? Like in whick tab/bar/menu?

  13. Last year the recap was from January to November and we got it mid-December. It will be on phone as well. I don't know the exact date though.

  14. Oh, ok. Thanks bro. Here take my free award, that's the best i can do. Again, thanks

  15. I think with 3 it's the most profitable. Also, you can't do autofill with 5.

  16. Wait till tomorrow to get an extra 25 million. Than it will be even more satisfying.

  17. Reverse psychology. Just vote for what you think will be first. The others will vote for they think will be second and it will become first.

  18. But reverse reverse psychology. Everyone will be doing this, so vote what you think will be second and it will be second.

  19. But reverse reverse reverse psychology. Everyone will be doing what you said, so voting for second will make it first.

  20. Just reach level 10. I know it's hard, but it is possible.

  21. You should check if the manufacturing date on the bottom of the box is the same as on the pop.

  22. I love how you haven't even mentioned what game you're talking about. (It's obviously Scarlett/Violet, but that's pretty funny)

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