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  1. I’m at 225 and a 100%. I have gotten grief by friends for picking words that I know are wrong just to eliminate letters. They say I should only be picking words based on the letters match but if I get 3 yellows the first pick I may pick a different word with none of those 3 letters for the 2nd word to either spike other yellows or green or eliminate other letters.

  2. This is one of those - “had me in the first half” moments.

  3. I remember meals would be ruined at a restaurant when the table next to you would light up a cigarette.

  4. Lol, bro XRP is not the next btc… It’s intended use is for cheap transactions, it’s not going to be worth thousands…

  5. The transactions get cheaper the higher the value of XRP.

  6. A lot of what you are experiencing is fear induced through propaganda on social media and the news. The only problem with your feelings of things being weird is they are weird and they are going to get a lot weirder.

  7. Lol this is the one where the AI door opens and a monster grabs and drags death into the door

  8. I don’t believe enough attention or urgency is being provided for the current avian flu. It has been confirmed that the virus has mutated and is now transmittable to mammals as a mink farm in Spain had to but down their animals who contracted the virus. 2500 seals were found dead in the Caspian Sea and were said to have died from natural causes but a month later it was confirmed through tissue samples that they tested positive for the avian flu as well.

  9. Just a heads up she is 20 and isn’t a child anymore.

  10. I bought my Xrp on Coinbase beginning of January 2021 and after Coinbase went dark with Xrp. Do I get anything ? Thx in advance 🤙🏻

  11. Another question. My girlfriend bought Xrp on Oct 2020 on Coinbase and after she transferred the Xrp to cold storage ledger…does she get anything ?

  12. There are two things there, one coinbase stated they were registered to accept the snapshot and air drop. So if she had her XRP in the coinbase wallet on the day and time of the snap shot then coinbase is supposed to drop the FLR tokens into their wallet. So if she removed it prior to the snap shot then no

  13. I can’t believe we paid in to social security our whole adult lives just for them to stop it now.

  14. There were post on Twitter that showed a Bitcoin wallet had withdrawals that totaled close to $250 million right after the bail amount was was ordered. Not sure where they got the information but if that’s where he got it from then that means he used the money he stole to pay his bail.

  15. I love silver for multiple reason but the main reason is peace of mind.

  16. It was a very disappointing movie for me, the sister character was hard to watch at times in the movie. The shift to a monster movie was a twist just not a good one. The first half of the movie I would rate 8.5/10 but the second half with the twist and ending slid it down to a 4.5/10 in my opinion.

  17. Funny how he was suppose to testify tomorrow and gets arrested today. Guess he won’t be forced to testify under oath about everyone that was involved.

  18. This is just a troll post trying to make people think the housing market is going down and investors with rental properties are going under.

  19. Well margin of error applies given the volatility of the market

  20. This statement makes no sense and shows you do not have any experience in this field and proves to me you do not own any rentals.

  21. I’m talking about these specific people. You are truly a regard. No, they will default and the bank will sell their holdings to another investor.. likely in some MBS.

  22. One obvious sign that someone is struggling with a conversation is when they result to trying to insult the other person because they have no real rebuttal left. Based on your response it seems more like you have animosity towards those in the video and just want them to fail so you push your argument to support a conclusion that provides the outcome you hope happens to them.

  23. One obvious sign that one is struggling with a conversation is when someone needs to write a paragraph rather than succinctly phrase ones argument, but I will utilize your rhetoric.

  24. You clearly have no actual life experience and you are basing everything off of what you read on Reddit. The housing market isn’t going to implode this is not like 2007-2008. People are not losing their jobs like they did back then, people do not have high interest mortgage rates or balloon payments. Even if home prices drop anyone who bought before 2022 is not going to walk away from their homes because their mortgage is cheaper than rent.

  25. This wasn’t a murder by words, to try to prove they compared taking a knee which hold no physical or life threatening consequences to the Iranian’s who refused to sing and may end up in prison or executed for that when they get home.

  26. This is a little misleading, there is still a lot of ballots left to count with only a difference of 1.1% between the two candidates and the last round had 65% for lake from one of the pinal county counts. If the trend continues the lead could drop to below .5% which would trigger a recount I believe. I only care that the person with the majority of the votes wins but it’s a little ridiculous for someone to concede if the count is still so close

  27. This part is expected after the crunch of supply from 2020. The kick in the nuts to the economy is how many millions of car loans are going to default because people will stop paying for the overpriced used car they bought the past two years.

  28. There have been multiple 4-5 magnitude earthquakes occurring in that area the past 5 days with one a bit inland from that location that was a 4.1 around 1500 utc which is when the video shows it starting. Could be pressure from a rising volcano out in the ocean

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