1. It’s been a while since we had a meme contest.

  2. Enjoy your life; you'll learn everything you need on the job. At most just learn basic git.

  3. yea you are probably right, I jus feel like I’m always behind. I don’t even go to a competitive uni and everyone still talks about leetcoding and stuff all the time so I thought I might to know some more

  4. I feel like I don’t know how to do anything how are you guys so confident applying in your first year?

  5. I feel like I don’t know much either I just applied to really small companies and local jobs that are minimum wage, nothing like you see on this sub. I did other 2 interviews and it was easy Python questions, I felt like they just wanted a glorified assistant but i mean I’ll take what I’ll get. This job was just pure luck tho.

  6. It’s been like a month guys. I know you guys miss the content but relax it hadn’t been that long, I swear some these comments act like he hasn’t streamed in a year.

  7. True, but also, that's a pretty parasocial pov. It's totally reasonable to like one person as a content creator, and either call out shitty actions from, or even flat out dislike, one of their friends. Like, these streamers aren't our friends, we aren't causing some sort of schism if we do that.

  8. Lmao crazy how people thinking Atrioc probably wouldn’t want viewers to hate on one of best friends is parasocial but calling Lud and QT hypocrites based on a non statement for Lud and a 2 minute clip from QT isn’t.

  9. this makes you look like a loser with no friends who hasn't even heard of grass

  10. My entire clan is excited about it. Seems like only Reddit is complaining about it. I’ve been playing for 6 months and almost level 14. Idk why everyone would want the game to stay at level 14 forever

  11. What is exciting about max lvl going up to 15? There is barely any new content for being lvl 15, all that happens is the number goes up. Is that exciting?

  12. Ikr we are gonna have this subreddit full of shitty puns for a week. The same exact garbage jokes that are made every Valentine’s Day are gonna be run into the ground.

  13. That's really his reason for ghosting Youtooz?

  14. who tf gives a shit about want a company thinks lmao

  15. I love buying a $30 plush just to not actually be able to pick what I’m buying.

  16. thank god, the jar is gonna arrive 2 days late and i need to set everything up

  17. Youtooz take like 2 months to ship a newly released figure so you were in the clear either way

  18. How is being it in the fridge not unusual? Pretty unusual spot to store your Youtooz I would think.

  19. borrowed a Youtooz from a friend for this joke lmao

  20. First time seeing a concept like this on this sub. It’s a breath of fresh air. Good shit, keep it up

  21. I couldn’t imagine ever having that figure on display or even at home ever again considering how filthy public toilets are

  22. dam don’t got no Youtooz so I can’t even enter rip

  23. 4 days? Not trying to be a hater but the puzzle isn’t that big to take that long lmao

  24. Nice! Would of been cool if you used the die hard figure for the die hard poster

  25. True I just genuinely forgot there was a die hard figure lmao

  26. Have you seen her "content' it's a joke.

  27. yea and I find it boring personally but I jus find it weird how you are getting upset over the fact that a random YouTuber has a plastic toy. 70% of YouTubers jus do reactions anyways

  28. I don't care if she got a plastic toy or not. I just hate her and I am annoyed that reddit notified me a post about a youtuber thats faker then kim's ass.

  29. There are 5 other things in this post, kinda strange you still decided to take time to comment about that single person if you didn’t care

  30. Yeah they said they don’t plan on doing another one because of the issues that happened trying to ship them

  31. damn rip. I didn't get one last year and I was hoping to get one this year

  32. i think it's more of assurance, like you just wanna make sure you're correct, i feel like everyone does it

  33. I get it if it was an email or something like that.

  34. it’s an overpriced $35 5-inch figure, it better look like what I ordered.

  35. its a game that takes place in space why is it a bit much to add an Indian character that represents 1/7 of the population?

  36. India is woke because there's only like a couple of people there, not representative of a large portion of the world

  37. yea it makes zero sense for a game that takes place in space to have a character that represents 1/7 of the population

  38. Last week there was someone on Reddit asking why everyone hated Californians so much… the reason is because this is probably in California somewhere.

  39. basically every Californian restaurant would reject this too. My man has such a hate boner for cali that he is bringing it up for posts with 0 relation

  40. Bro it’s clearly a kid who made this. He is clearly still learning and probably didn’t even think it was stealing cause he only took parts of the design and didn’t trace. You can’t seriously think that this was malicious

  41. im not even gonna say anything but if you were an artist you would know how we feel

  42. lmao I do draw and I was once a kid learning and remember thinking that what this kid is doing was okay. He should learn to give credit but it’s not like he trying to profit off this by entering a contest or something.

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