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  1. Tail about 2 snap off lol, good vibes when it wagging that hard

  2. Nice Grand Slam dancing, striped shirt boy is GETTIN' IT!

  3. For me fun is declaring each step and narrating each move, shuffing my cards no less then 10 times each time i search my library and run entire deck around searching my library.

  4. Deff time for some 1 of 1 artisinal renditions of your favs

  5. Like nirvana changed a certain song to Waif Me, someone needs to make a PVZZY MΣLTΣR version just to slip into Walmart shelves

  6. Reddit doesn't count on the other hand, as it is one of, if not the most antisocial media, if you use it correctly

  7. Preschool teacher here. This would be war. I’d amp my kids up every time we went on that playground. I’d give the loudest kids stickers.

  8. Always only agree to pay thru Zelle or Paypal, always bring a benchmark installer on a thumb drive, bring a friend who is abnormally tough looking, 3 simple rules before ever buying a pc from a stranger.

  9. Zelle has no buyer protection, that's weird advice.

  10. You dont send the money till you agree in person and you dont bring money to lesson robbery incentive

  11. Anything Russia is allowed to participate in shows a lack of proper treatment. Banish them to the Shadow-Realm until the war is over.

  12. I am a private ebay seller lol, i send stuff from post office and feel overcharged /felt terrible telling a buyer when i sent a box containing 2 consoles, 13 games and 6 controllers for 20 dollars lol. I see ppl on ebay tho who offset their stuffa price by making it high shipping to still bait in price filtered/sorted buyers.

  13. Is your monitor plugged into the gpu port or the cpu port?

  14. It’s plugged into the GPU. I thought the GPU was faulty but the idle white light is on and I made sure it clicked when I put it in.

  15. To eliminate /narrow down problems id remove gpu plug into cpu and hit the mobo reset button

  16. As someone involved in late 90s early 2000s in this shit i can tell you, most ppl it isnt about the kids or anything its just a clout chasing attempt and the so called catchers are pretty much weirdos themselves too who linger way too long in weird ass forums and shit ans have a fascination with it. What ive learned after going too far attacking a predator is these volatile situations are double edged swords and its best to just report anything you see or know to cyber crimes taskforce mfers and whatnot.

  17. Id look for used system with a 1080 nvidia gpu in it or better, if it has that good of a graphics card or better the rest will fall into place, but getting a motherboard with integrated graphics off of the cpu can deadend you from upgrading if its that bad to begin with, if you shop around could catch one on the cheap, refer to offerup (but always test before you pay, last time i bought a used system i broughta benchmarkapp on a thumbdrive and took off side panel to look and smell for any obvious problems, and never EVER bring money, discuss this ahead of time and agree to pay with zelle or something first). A membrane cheapie keyboard and mouse and 1080 60hz monitor too wont really matter for awhile and are dirt cheap.

  18. Ill take the dwarf and trade my other two options for some smallfolk grave diggers cuz you all goin' down.

  19. Yes, check out the computers at your local library, they also have squeeling modems that can kill a dog outright

  20. Check out the ‚golden era‘ by TEFI

  21. I am looking for a cheap alternative rn and looked this one up and cheapest i find on reverb is $450 usd

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