1. A bit out of the loop. What happened?

  2. I have some vague memory of a mention of how they met but I can’t actually recall exactly where it was. I believe it’s implied that they know each other from college though.

  3. Hey man. Cole went college prep, Zeke took shop classes. So uh, who's the dummy now?

  4. She's like an old conduit of blood right? Been a while. And it's all good in the morning, so probably not much.

  5. He clearly still has his original consciousness, like memories and the like, so maybe the part of him that's still living is that. Maybe we need to broaden the term just a smidgen so a cyborg could be part machine and anypart that's still human.

  6. Heck no. What would that do for accountability?

  7. Right. Should we overlook immortality to save tradition? My ancestors had a tradition of owning other humans, I'm not gonna be bringing that back anytime soon.

  8. Its Circe , a character originate from Greek myth who turn Odyseuss's crew except him into pig after they eat her food

  9. There's a guy that reviews kitchen appliances. He said this thing isn't great. I have no opinion on it.

  10. Heinlein’s Mobile Infantry from 'Starship Troopers' takes frightful losses in the book against the Bugs, and even the Skinnies knocked out Dizzy. Carl got wiped out on Pluto, the Lieutenant bought the farm and Jelly got a piece of it. Johnny is an outlier in his survival. So far…

  11. Marky got with Sharon, Sharon got Sherice. She was sharin' Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease. Mikey had a facial scar, and Bobby was a racist. They were all in love with dyin', they were doin' it in Texas...

  12. Whoa buddy, chill! This poor dude didn't say anything that warranted you being a cunt to him.

  13. Lol. Everyone poking holes in your argument like it was cannons and the black pearl.

  14. OP is from Croatia. “original comic” is how they say “obfuscation”

  15. I'm no historian, but there was some green paints that were popular that are toxic and maybe cause radiation poisoning. Maybe it was during this time. Idk.

  16. If you want my support in the war against bad man and two fuck, you're gonna need to give an explanation.

  17. The pillows are at the wrong side. It's a matter of opinion, so it's not wrong, but I've never gone to a hotel and the pillows where the other way round.

  18. In any other game would you be averse to things like "this axe does double damage" "this gun has twice the ammo" "1.5 jump hight" or any other stat boosting option?

  19. It's even worse when the player continues to tell you what the spell does, but leaves out one or two sentences that completely change the meaning.

  20. Read me the spell. It says I do 4d6 fire damage. Yes but is it a bonus action or...? Idk, it's verbal and somatic. Ok but you've already done an action. What does it say?

  21. Player: "What does the spell do again?"

  22. basically the main group (daryl, carol, maggie, ezekiel, negan and a few other people you might not know) take over a huge city with like 50,000 people in it and other throw the corrupt government in charge. michionne had left a few seasons earlier because she find out rick was alive and went out searching. the series ends with michionne riding around on a horse still looking for rick and rick is being chased by a helicopter near a big city. the spin off shows will include Daryl and how he gets kidnapped to france to work for the CRM (basically a military against zombies). Maggie and Negan head to new york together (don’t know why yet). and Michionne and Rick (how they come to find each other).

  23. people happy with the game don't come to reddit to complain. game has sold 6m+ copies. sure there are bugs but it's in the best state it has ever been.

  24. Right, it would take a major mess up by any game developer to make a game worse by updating it, so a lot of the problems you will see online are probably from older builds and older updates.

  25. Back in the day, before Google, people would go to message boards, and online communities to ask these types of questions. This mentality "just Google it." Doesn't foster a community. It only makes people afraid to look stupid and "I might as well just Google it" no matter what the question is.

  26. Oh my bad. I guess I figured I should try and give a different response, instead of just repeating what 10 other people have already said.

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