1. This is awesome!!! I can only.imagine the wrist ache after so many tiny details. Rrally cool work!!

  2. thank you, this is a smaller piece as im trying to get myself back into drawing, i think my next piece will be bigger.

  3. Been in the same boat myself. Had a friend practically yell at me to go bigger and I gotta tell ya it is really liberating to go big. Like really big. I'm using found wood cause thats whats affordable. You might be surprised by what you come up with!!

  4. When mounting the central pen and ink to the canvas board I inadvertantly used a glue that leaked through the paper. That pushed me to add the grey swirl section with a posca pen overlay. I'm very happy with the effect and will definately play with that on future projects. Liquitex high gloss top coat. Original work by me

  5. Bit by bit! Glad you're here and already enjoying better sleep. More good things are coming. IWNDWYT

  6. There's an opportunity to have compassion and pity for them as someone who is sick and suffering in the way that we, as people who have drinking problems, have also been sick and suffering. I am not sure what sort of behavior "shameless" refers to, but I mean, anyone who has struggled with a drinking problem has probably engaged in various behaviors that could be described as shameless from time to time. It might look different in this exact instance, but people who act out are possibly not capable of acting any better than how they're acting now, and that deserves some pity and compassion just like compulsively drinking deserves pity and compassion.

  7. You were a lot calmer and more reasonable than I would have been in that situation. What an odd relationship your friend must have with his boss, and what on earth was the boss thinking - this sounds awful all round and I think you handled it well!

  8. Thank you, I've been working really hard on remaining calm in the face of such challenges. What helps me the most is remembering that I cannot control what others do, I can only control how I react. It's not easy, but I find that I feel more peaceful when I make myself pause and consider where my feelings are coming from and what the most constructive action will be. It's always a work in progress.

  9. I feel this in my bones. I have no idea how anyone can be bored, there's so many cool things to do! IWNDWYT :)

  10. Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations on making the decision that day an pushing forward. I think people sharing their real life stories is the best thing on this sub, they are very relatable and hearing that people made it through is very encouraging, somehow it's more personable than a book, at least to me

  11. A few empty cans of plain fizzy water, tv remote, one of those little day of the week med boxes that I actually remember to take now, and a little box of important trinkets :)

  12. I'm dabbing some of that today too but out of my waxmaid dabber 💨💨💨

  13. Bottom third from right would make an awesome pendant ❤️

  14. Thank you, I think so too! It's pretty teeny but I think I could manage a small wire wrap. I like how frosty it is.

  15. I had this happen one time when I was in a rush and didn't pat the meat dry before putting on a light layer of oil and then the rub. The meat was also super cold. My practice now is to let the meat come up from fridge temp, really get the surface as dry as possible,light oil, then rub as evenly as possible. I've gotten a bit more liberal with brown sugar in my rubs and it seems to act as a glue, keeping the rub on there nicely

  16. Ok. Thanks for your input. I was thinking there may of been too much Brown sugar, and that caused the melting. It ended up turning out pretty good though. The people I made it for said it was one of the best Ive ever done, so hey, no complaints. It was a homemade rub, but I didnt make it.

  17. Hey my pleasure! And I forgot to mention that it looks delicious, I'd eat the hell outta that. Smoking meat is such a fun learning adventure. Good luck with your future projects!

  18. That looks cool!! I cry when I do Kandi lol I love it but I struggle lol I end doing a bravely over like 4x sometimes whether because I messed up or I let go of the string and it falls apart.

  19. Thank you! The hardest part is the first two or three columns and for me I make sure it is as tight as possible. After that I just get in a rhythmn and stitch. You can do it!

  20. Funny you mention a variance. We actually have two different Kosmic phenos in production. One of my new team members pointed out just a few days ago one being more balanced and the other more "indica" leaning. I hit this type of snag on occasion. Seems I might over complicate the buying process for customers by having Kosmic #1, Kosmic #2, etc. Thoughts?

  21. Definately worthwhile to differentiate between the phenos on the website. Personally I would snag both and enjoy being able to dial in the effects that much more accurately

  22. For me HCF Pink Panther hits the mark nicely. Body and brain relax, but not spaced out. Of.course everyone's experience will be thier own, but that has been my experience with PP and it has become one of my daily drivers. Happy hunting!

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