1. Why Gordon Freeman is bisexual and should be in the next game

  2. Does anyone have a link to the article?

  3. I’m gonna guess it’s the same mod as

  4. When i play sniper I always have my back against a wall. Or frequently spy check.

  5. I just use the razorback so I don’t have to stress about where I put my back.

  6. Bottom one also goes for 2003 kids in 2023.

  7. There needs to be a Wilhelm scream or two in here.

  8. That I’d get better at stuff once I become an adult.

  9. Me, an asexual anti-deathist: “I see this as an absolute win”

  10. That coat looks like something an egotistical general in a dictatorship would wear.

  11. Yeah same. But that might’ve been because I was the “weird kid” and I didn’t have any friends at my secondary school so I wasn’t really up to date on what everyone else was doing and I was used to not doing what the others are doing.

  12. That the opposite of comforting.

  13. If you really wanted to make it story relevant, play Highway 17 up until right after LNO and then immediately play lost coast. Fits the best during that down period before the bridge imo

  14. Personally I think it fits best right after the Nova Prospekt teleporter. Like Gordon temporarily gets spat out at the lost cost, destroys the combine base then teleports away again.

  15. Maybe you have a sleep disorder? Could also be an issue with thyroid hormones or with iron deficiency. A blood test can be done to check the latter two.

  16. I’ve been putting characters from different media in chat rooms together on character.ai for this very reason.

  17. I spend most of my day with screens. I only see my family a few times a year.

  18. Oh I’ll go and get ready to survive…

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