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  1. Redo of healer is a light novel which got a manga adaptation and the manga got an anime adaptation

  2. But wait... Isn't this the redo of the healer?

  3. Nirvana - nevermind Bon Jovi - slippery when wet Rick Astley - whenever you need somebody

  4. Something like that kind happen in a hentai i think, where rape is made legal.

  5. Once you get past those scenes radio healer was actually pretty good

  6. Kazuma, i still have some moral standards

  7. Anyone gonna point out the entire paragraph of "i humped chelsea the baby's..." in the background

  8. I just wanted to see if anything would change after humping 100 times.

  9. Did u know that Redo of Healer is basically just a form of hentai in disguise of being an anime.

  10. Yes it's called softcore hentai but for some reason redo of healer is classified as an anime.

  11. All of the memes about this show for the past day have been this one guy. I forgot what his motive for doing so was.

  12. I'm posting so much to spite the mod who deleted my original redo of healer post.

  13. No it's not redo of healer is not getting another season :D

  14. Honestly Redo of Healer is not as bad as everyone make it out to be. Except for a select few scenes. It's on a different level, but not as horrifying as the memes about it

  15. I mean, I hate to say it but its true. Keyaru was brutalized, hooked on drugs, mindbroke, raped every single night and treated like cattle. The fact that people only focused on that scene with Flare really missed the point of his character. Homeboy was completely gone. That act of revenge was never meant to be justified and only showed how far gone he was on the next cycle. He's a bad guy, doing bad things for what he believes is a good cause.

  16. Technically it is a good cause but he will always be a bad guy because of his crimes.

  17. Where can I watch it? I’ve been looking and haven’t found anywhere.

  18. you can watch it on hanime . tv uncensored just type in kaifuku justushi no yarinaoshi in its search.

  19. does the link work now? before it only worked on pcs.

  20. The original is I want to eat your pancreas the edit is redo of healer.

  21. Why are you posting this a second time 15 hours after your first post, plus in addition you stole this meme from someone as it was posted several days ago.

  22. First of all both got taken down, second he said I could upload it, third I just want to see how much the mods hate redo of healer

  23. Isn't this the same meme i saw yesterday? This sub is degrading everyday

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