fight at my local highschool

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  1. What a fucking epic cop moment. Not all cops are bastards like they make you think.

  2. Why do you want to run Var for 10+weeks? And why do you want to run a second oral? The test is doing the heavy lifting of the cycle

  3. People got no chill. Ill take slow, steady gains. Plus I like my liver.

  4. Damn two assault charges, unlawful use of a weapon, attempted breaking and entering, trespass. She wins.

  5. But then he wouldn't get to embarrass himself trying to insult women online.. who knows, maybe it's one of his kinks

  6. Front clip only. Not up and over. Lucky really for the situation. Easy fix should turn out looking like new. You're lucky the deer wasn't my wife she only hits doors and door pillars.

  7. My dick is already hard thinking we could see deep discounts in the 2 dollar range. Ill wipe out my 401k if we hit 2.90

  8. Well boys, it finally happened. I was asked in the locker room if i'm natural. I think I've peaked and finally made it. It was from an older gentleman and then he just looked impressed when I told him that I don't take anything.

  9. Older Gentleman was his side piece and his boss. Well done sir.

  10. Not very many people remember the announcement in the days before 9/11 that the pentagon lost 2 trillion dollars.

  11. Depends on the piece and if the artist is heavy handed. I have one guy I go to for anything grey scale he's so light handed you barely peel. I'd give it a week at least until is doesn't feel tight or tender.

  12. The boiler went out at my place last night, so no heat or hot water. The forecast says it's gonna keep getting colder through the day, with a low of -26F (yes, NEGATIVE 26) tonight, so I might be dead later. FML

  13. Turn your sinks on a slow drip to keep your pipes from freezing. Call more hot ladies.

  14. Sorry no he was specifically talking about dumbells as far as weight not reps. If you can lift 25's through 40's correctly with good form make those your bitch before you struggle with weight you'll "lift" but with terrible form.

  15. Just don’t ego lift. Easier said than done but that’s how people fuck themselves up. If you want to max out, make your PRs 3 rep maxes instead of going for a 1 rep max. It’s just not worth it. Unless you’re in a powerlifting comp, there’s literally no reason to do 1 rep maxes

  16. Watched a video with Phil Heath talking about do 25's till they are your bitch then move up. If you can get pump or reach failure at a lower weight with better form the better form is the key

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