1. When I was tired of rubbing my own clit every day (multiple times a day) and wanted someone else to do it for me

  2. Feet are often hidden and only seen bare in private or when swimming, similar to bare belly’s or cleavage

  3. Trump has still not been indicted for his many crimes. Maybe Americans don’t care about Dumps crimes but the French are not brainwashed by Fox News and they do care about The Orange sewer DUMP being held accountable

  4. Rub my clit. It’s how I calm myself down when I’m crying or freaking out. After a couple clittoral orgasms probably confront them.

  5. Just rubbing my clit watching coverage of Trump’s impending indictment, hopefully coming up soon. Can’t wait!

  6. He would've imploded regardless. The dude is incompetent and would not even win the primary.

  7. Very possible. Our best example is 2008 where the campaign was a disaster, plus his pro-choice stance. That’s why he only could win a Republican nomination in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. 2004 was still probably close enough. Remember the 2004 RNC was in New York City as well.

  8. That’s cool. You can have someone say a number between 1-46 and tell them what president it was and have them have their phone to check. You could also have them say a year 1789-2023 and tell them who was president that year and have them verify with their phone. They will be impressed.

  9. Both had a founding fathers name in their name (Jefferson, George)

  10. I guess but most basic English male names are the name of a Founding Father lol

  11. It will become less common in coming decades. More female and diverse names in the future

  12. Why did you say you get “so fucking ecstatic”, instead of just “so ecstatic”? What is the point of adding the expletive? Is it to try and sound like other Redditors who throw that word into every phrase? Are you copying peers?

  13. Yes, because any Democrat is in a better positioned to win the 2024 election than a Republican purely number wise. More voters vote Democrat than republican. If everyone eligible to vote voted, Democrats would win the election every time.

  14. It’s sad how many people have commented without even reading OP’s question. People are answering just if there opinion has changed of Reagan overall, not addressing the article from this week which was the point of OP’s post.

  15. It wasn’t corroborated however. The author of the article this week even points this out. Did it happen? Maybe, quite possibly yes, but the account of one person, no matter how credible, is not absolute proof.

  16. Make really good comments and you’ll earn gold. Then you won’t see ads.

  17. Not really true. In Indiana the ballot deadline for state offices is in Februaury and Pence was picked in like August or some shit

  18. Pence was asked to be Vice President to a man who everyone doubted and had a strong chance to win. It’s hard to say how much he liked Trump, but he was one of the few people not removed from the administration during those four years. Most likely, he was able to put up with him until January 6th.

  19. It’s surprising too because pence could have served another sure thing term as Indiana governor but chose not to run for re-election to be Trump’s running mate. This meant if Trump lost in 2016 pence’s political career was over.

  20. Watching the West Wing rn at 3am and this is how I’m picturing it too. Also Kate left at the end of February. Ben LaBolt is the communications director, but I do think the Twitter is run by the woman who ran the NJ Governor’s Twitter which is where the tone shifted on his social media last year

  21. Biden posting like he's Taylor Swift. I love this journey for him.

  22. President Biden’s Twitter is managed by White House communications director Kate Bedingfield. She and her staff are responsible for composing the president’s tweets.

  23. Eisenhower said that to Johnson when the discussion of presidential pension was discussed. Eisenhower joked that Johnston should support it in the senate because he may benefit from it someday.

  24. Exactly. If you recall, Lewinsky was demoted from her position in the administration, ie adverse employment consequences.

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