1. I saw a teacher...actually EXCITED ABOUT was a shock, but I swear it happened.

  2. Promoting your album is always a tricky situation as an indie artist, so I totally understand your question of "what to do next?"

  3. I think it takes a few hours for an album to enter into the discover search and tag pages. Bandcamp addresses this on their Bandcamp Guide page.

  4. I release my music exclusively on Bandcamp, and it's honestly REALLY AWESOME!

  5. personally if i'm the one to say i love you first, i always add in " you don't have to say it back but im just being honest with how im feeling right now" or something like that so they don't feel pressured to say it.

  6. I agree with the way you said it. More people need to add the "you don't have to say it back..." part so the situation doesn't feel like one big anxiety attack.

  7. It's a roundabout way of saying "I'll be glad when you finally leave. Ideally that time is right now."

  8. this is literally gonna be my new fav saying when ppl leave my house now

  9. That I LUV sucking on titties & some girls LUV having it done. My ex wife proved the point of "some"!

  10. i never met a girl who didn't like her titties sucked

  11. I don't think the idea of self improvement is a scam, or even learning certain self improvement techniques, BUT I think when a person gets into selling courses and constantly trying to get money from others for "basic self improvement advice", that's when it gets a bit scammy lol

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