1. Great color and definition! Are you using a capture card or camera?

  2. Thank you! This is a camera shooting my CRT screen.

  3. Could I trouble you for some specs? I've been having difficulty getting my Nikon d3400 to reliability get a good image without scrolling. Do you have a lighting setup for the TV going on as well?

  4. Yeah of course. So, no extra lighting, in fact you basically want the room to be as dark as possible to avoid any glare on the CRT’s screen. The CRT itself I have all the adjustable settings (e.g. brightness, contrast, color temp, etc.) set to the center/middle/50%. For camera settings I shot this piece at 30 FPS and shutter speed of 1/30 second… those settings should hopefully eliminate the scanning/scrolling artifacts you are encountering. (Just replace 30 with 25 if you are PAL region) I usually have my aperture wide open which on my lens is f4 and ISO 500… but you need to play with those settings to try to nail the right exposure for your setup. My white balance I forget the actual number in kelvin it’s set to buy it’s basically just manually set to somewhere around middle white. Hope that helps!

  5. for sure!!! i would love to work with you on some stuff coming up 🖤 i’ll shoot you a DM soon!!

  6. Thanks, I threw the stills in there to be able to show some of the details that gets thrown away in the GIF!

  7. Yea, the visual aesthetic is definitely what drew me in, but I guess that mostly goes for all of us otherwise we probably wouldn’t be making this kind of art. You mentioned “digital corruption” but I just want to rep those of us out here performing “analog distortion” as well, using specialized hardware to achieve effects that aren’t quite practical to achieve on a computer.

  8. What did u use to make this? Love the richness of the colors!

  9. Hey, thank you! I used Lumen & TouchDesigner to create the geometry, and then output that to a T+ Psychenizer, recorded the image off my CRT.

  10. That’s dope man. Funny enough I ordered a phychenizer a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait to use it!

  11. Great gear, you're in for a real treat my friend. It might be a hot minute before you get your hands on it though so just be patient haha.

  12. did you get this by filming your TV? or do you got some other secret sauce going on? love it <3 :)

  13. Hey, it’s Lumen output to a Psychenizer and recorded off my CRT!

  14. Prob my fav of his devices… the signal lines are ‼️‼️

  15. Yeah it’s pretty great. I have like 5 bent devices and the Psychenizer is definitely my go to.

  16. Thank you, yes it is! This is actually pretty low res because it’s a gif. The original file at full resolution / no compression looks even better. 🙂

  17. Yeah it's great! Excited to explore more with it. 🙂

  18. Love it! Man, I will try to achieve this on my Lumen set up! Great inspiration 🔮

  19. Thanks, glad you enjoyed! Post it on here if you do!

  20. Hey thanks so much! So it’s basically two different feedback loops, one within the square and one around the perimeter and they just kind of happened to find homeostasis with this little rainbow arc coming off the side. Then I broke that signal out of the chain and processed it with a Tachyons+ Psychenizer and captured it off my CRT screen. I hope that helps!

  21. This is so nice, really well done!

  22. Hey, thanks so much! Happy you enjoyed.

  23. Patched this a couple weeks ago so trying to remember but basically the rainbow-y part is internal mixer feedback from a Sima SFX-M and the darker scrolling part I believe was internal mixer feedback from a Roland V8 processed by a Tachyons+ Vortex Decoder. And then the triangles/hourglass-type shape was a wipe pattern on one of the mixers I don’t remember which. Captured off my CRT.

  24. Hey, so in this case, after bending it, the 1080 component signal was fed into my analog to digital converter (I use a Retrotink 5X Pro) which outputs HDMI, that’s sent into an El Gato HD60S+ which gets the video signal into my PC and recorded with OBS.

  25. Wow looks amazing, how do you create this??

  26. Hey, thanks so much! I don’t remember the exact patch but basically the hexagon and animation was something simple I put together in Touch Designer and output from my PC and it went through two or three analog video mixers with feedback and keying effects and then processed with a Tachyons+ Psychenizer and captured off my CRT.

  27. This is beautiful. Could you provide some insights into the patch?

  28. Music is "Let It Happen" by Tame Impala (slowed)

  29. This reminds me of a music video. Benee - Make you sick, is a wavy piece of glitch art throughout.

  30. Just watched, cool vid and another in the sidebar 'Same Effect' with... the same effects. 😂 Same/similar process as what's done here, distorted analog video signals and captured off a CRT. 🙂

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