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  1. Very interesting how many people seem against this idea. How does it hurt? Even if it’s not accurate and you cannot get everyone to participate, I’m sure there’s a fuckton of shares out there that haven’t been DRSed.

  2. Yeah this is pretty spot on. I remember somebody broke down the drs numbers over time from the beginning and subtracted hypothetical cushion shares that Kenny and his friends were putting in from the start. But it turned out we were going at a rate of 4-5 million per quarter. This quarter lines up well with that estimate. Also, Ken Griffin is a bitch.

  3. Thank you! It can really work if you’re diligent. I almost had to think of it like a pet. Did I feed (share) it today? Did I take it for a walk (post content on social media)? Lots of sleepless nights making sure we had enough stuff to post.

  4. That was my daily struggle too haha, I did an Indiegogo for 10K last year for a short. Basically, we made a teaser for it, and did a behind the scenes of casting, location scouting, and shooting the teaser plus an interview with myself and the director - as well as an advertisement for the campaign I made addressing the project and fundraiser. We also did a 7 day countdown post leading up to the end. It was a lot or so I thought - I’ve seen other people do it and have buttloads of content each and every day haha

  5. It really is a lot. There were definitely days where we had to recycle content or find creative ways to make seemingly boring logistics exciting for potential backers. It allowed us to put on our storytelling hats by doing some world-building updates as well.

  6. No, you put the work in. I know that’s a tough pill. But it’s yours man, you wrote it. F*ck if someone helped you flesh out the story - they were supposed to pitch in sweat equity and they didn’t. It’s yours.

  7. These are all reasonable thoughts. Something is radically wrong with our capital markets and yesterdays volume/price action should Make this obvious.

  8. Posted the other day about one of our

  9. Awesome! I know John Dimeno, he’s been posting about the film, excited to check it out 💯

  10. Wow what an idiot. Sounds like a straight up doofus 🤣🤣🤣 🤡

  11. GameStop is profitable. During a f*cking recession. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯

  12. Wait - did I miss the DRS number?! What was it?

  13. I'm expecting lower than 72m shares DRS..why? because that's what I would do again if I wanted to keep ya filthy apes morale down. But I'm hoping for 80m. Why? Because of my reoccurring buys and they keep hammering it down giving me more shares in Computershare. see ya mañana!

  14. It’s hilarious and surreal that they actually fucked with the DRS numbers. But I guess this whole saga has been that way from the start. We are right, and very early still 💯💯💯🟣

  15. It’s that ape mentality; always hyped, never sells, directly registering their damn shares, exposing market corruption…

  16. OP is hyping made up numbers to set you up for a disappointment come next week’s earnings call

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