1. that isn't chelsie, who is his baby mama. that's cydney moreau, IG model and his girlfriend during the 2021 season on the bucs.

  2. now i get you’re extremely hurt and upset, and understandably so, but let’s not get so low as to start taking swipes at someone’s physical appearance. and it’s not even valid here, your now ex is definitely above average looks wise. if he was what you described as being “subpar” the “average” or “above par” men in society would be incredibly good looking.

  3. as much as i appreciate a post like this for me personally, being reminded of this has now infuriated me hahaha. people in general can be so ignorant; all it takes is some simple research. don’t speak on things with confidence when you aren’t even informed!!

  4. bro you shouldn’t even be asking this. consider yourself lucky that you just avoided the headache that is this woman. anyone who’s gonna be that butthurt about the usage of the word “yo” cannot be a pleasant person to deal with.

  5. I find them grotesque. The fake body parts, fake marriages, fake relationships, fake "reality" show, fake "oopsie" release of a sex tape to gain popularity and the disgusting mother who manipulates and uses her children for personal gain. And the asses. The pocked, massive, disproportionate, unrealistic giant fat-filled fake asses that are air-brushed and photoshopped in fake images spread all over media making girls and women feel like that's somehow an ideal they should aspire to. Seriously fuck the Kardashians. They need cancellation like now.

  6. my god did you ever hit the nail on the head. you just put everything i’ve ever thought about them into the most concise and well formatted way possible.

  7. it’s the same thing with lying about height… just instead of everyone adding on 2-3 inches everyone just adds tacks on 0.5-1 inch.

  8. I don’t think we would win this game if we were fully healthy anyways, but let’s just see what the boys can do

  9. y’all are gonna be in for a shock lemme tell ya. hollywood is about to tear up that sorry ass secondary. i think him and kyler are gonna have a field day… and ill get to witness it first hand, i’ve got season tickets this year baby!

  10. Let’s go! Season tickets too! Ready and committed to talking trash and blind confidence.

  11. if you don’t mind me asking, how much did he charge per graft? i saw him featured on a bloomberg youtube video about hair transplants in turkey and i liked what i heard from him. i’m a norwood 2 and looking to get mine done while i still am at a stage in which i won’t need that many grafts for a transplant. hopefully he wasn’t too pricey.

  12. that’s really competitive pricing. i’m definitely gonna consider it; i think i’m going to stay on finasteride for at least a year and a half and then see where i’m at. i just had a consult though with some HT surgeon here in the states and he tried to talk me out of getting a transplant… i’m only 22 so there’s that and he’s also really concerned that someone might give me too much of a juvenile hairline. another concern of his is that i eventually might continue to lose more hair past the transplanted ones because we don’t know the full extent to which my hair loss will progress.

  13. Hollywood Brown 150 yards incoming!!! i’m so hype, we got season tickets this year and his jersey is being shipped tonight just in time for tomorrow lmaoo

  14. what did you do for the whitening if you don’t mind me asking? my teeth are fairly white but the white strips never seem to take it to that next level. i’ve always contemplated just shelling out the money for a professional whitening treatment…

  15. If you’re going to a top clinic $6-$10 bucks a graft is pretty normal for fue. Some people command a bit more than $10. I needed 5000+ grafts for my first procedure so going to one of the best clinics in Turkey was a no brainer for me.

  16. what was the clinic in turkey if you don’t mind me asking? did they do a good job/how much was it?

  17. omg this brings me right back to weekends at my grandma’s house… can’t believe i forgot about this.

  18. Hollywood Brown baby! If I'm being honest, I might be a bit biased as I've been huge fan of his since his days at OU and I'm also a Cardinals fan lol. But fr though, the guy has gotten better every year of his career and for the first time in his NFL career will be in an offense that is actually conducive to receivers and that will provide him the RIGHT kind of targets. Couple that with the fact that he'll be the undisputed WR1 through the first six weeks with D Hop being suspended and you can see why he's poised for a huge breakout season. I'm hyped! I also have season tickets to the Cards games this year so I'll get to see it all go down in person.

  19. no offense but how do you make this post and not mention hollywood brown once.

  20. Physically, McDaniel is 5'9", 170lbs. Mentally... He's a 6'8", 300lb monster.

  21. your teeth look great! I bet you're so relieved to be done finally. Just curious, did you ever have to get the attachments redone or replaced throughout the entire process?

  22. keep going OP! i keep having to remind myself to keep wearing my trays. long story short i got my 13 trays from my dentist last year in july but am still on the first one! i couldn’t bring myself to get over the invisalign lisp and would just wear the first tray on and off. now i’m recommitting to it (thankfully the first tray still fits and my dentist said it was okay to proceed). i can’t wait to have similar results to yours! i have a slight overjet that doesn’t quite look like traditional “buckteeth” but it definitely affects my side profile when i smile. i recently just got friendzoned by this chick and i can’t help but beat myself up thinking “if i had only worn those damn invisalign trays last year maybe she would’ve liked what she saw more.” im gonna finish strong this last half of the year; i hope the same for you. you look great and that’s such a huge transformation. major W.

  23. it’s quite literally the same with height. a legit, barefoot, measured 5’10 guy is seen by girls as a being 6’0+. girls have no idea what a real 6’0 actually looks like because so many guys lie and overall just the perception of height in society is so warped and inflated. so like with dicks, my guess is that girls think a 5.5-6 incher is a 7 inch. sounds crazy but there’s no doubt in my mind that’s somewhat accurate.

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