1. This happened to me on mw 2019.

  2. What if I have a NVMe SSD with only one slot?

  3. Could be, shit I hope that’s it and not my GPU or something else. Thanks for the info.

  4. Wait is that a legit a thing? The game makes your damage do less?

  5. They have actual patents for skill based hit reg/health etc. I never felt like I experienced it in previous cods but I swear in this game there’s a blatant “change of gameplay”. I’ll be stomping for a couple games straight and all of a sudden Im losing gunfights that I have no business losing.

  6. Yes, it's obviously the game purposefully setting you up for failure.

  7. I mean they literally have patents for this type of stuff, it’s public knowledge.

  8. Dude, which graphics settings you are using? I have the same specs and i im struggling with FPS drops.

  9. This is with absolutely everything on low. Using Fidelity CAS and Filmic for AA.

  10. Likely more to do with task manager not recognising - on some games I've noticed my task manager doesn't register how hard my GPU is actually working. BF4 always says it's 10% GPU but on my other programs I used to monitor temps it says 90% which is more accurate. Try another monitoring software and more bench marking programs before deciding what to upgrade

  11. Thank you, I'll definitely give that a shot. I always thought that the i5 cpu was underpowered compared to the 1660 Super. Seems I got it backwards.

  12. Hey guys, just got bloodwork done 3 weeks ago and was hoping someone could let me know how my levels and everything are. I’m on 600mg a week test e eod and started 10mg of Aromasin eod the day after I saw my estrogen levels (I was experiencing sides but wanted to wait for the bloods before started ai). Mainly I’d like to know if I should increase my ai dose because I haven’t noticed much of a difference since.

  13. of course it's normal. more muscle + low fat + more bloodflow = those veins are gonna start busting out

  14. No of course, I get that. Just the amount of new veins and the size they’ve gotta too in a short amount of time is sketching me out. But I am bigger than I’ve been in a while. Thanks for the reply

  15. Well they're not new. They're the same veins you had 3 years ago. This is a good problem to have brother. You're on your way down the right path.

  16. For sure, I appreciate that my man 💪🏾

  17. This is already a mid season release… so they’re waiting until the middle of the mid season to release it? Typical.

  18. Right? The new game is out in a month, why would they wait any longer lol.

  19. i was talking to my bro and i thought hey maybe instead of hardcore, they should make a softcore mode where your health is higher and the uav works constantly or something, now THAT would be fun for this game

  20. They just had this in Vanguard, it was called Exposed. It was actually pretty fun to play.

  21. That’s the best part about cod really. New game, new features, new grind. I don’t see many people still playing MW19 because MW2 is essentially the same game just upgraded but I’m sure there will be some. At least for the first few months of me the games release, some might not like it and go back.

  22. That’s the best part about cod really. New game, new features, new grind. I don’t see many people still playing MW19 because MW2 is essentially the same game just upgraded but I’m sure there will be some. At least for the first few months after the games release, after the honeymoon phase some might not like it and go back.

  23. I was about to give up, you’re the GOAT

  24. I got it :) Looks like you just have to wait a bit.

  25. Im late but congrats! I stopped playing last week, it just got too stale.

  26. -RK9 says:

    This has to be the most embarrassing thing I've seen at anything regarding esports. I haven't felt second hand embarrassment like this in a while

  27. Did you see the Vanguard premier stream with celebrities playing the game? Shit was wild, I didn’t know second hand embarrassment could get that bad. Whole thing felt like a fever dream.

  28. ^ This. I always bang out a couple in-between games.

  29. Is this a thing? I recently got over what I believe was the “sust flu” but I still have congestion and a runny nose.

  30. You’re the most humble person I’ve seen on Reddit 😂

  31. After learning a lot about sensitivity thanks to mouse-sensitivoty.com, I recommend:

  32. 2 years late but gotta say this is the best way I've ever heard ADS Transition Timing explained. I've always somewhat known this to be the case but you broke it down perfectly. After Zoom makes the most logical sense.

  33. Mouse accel is pretty good but most people who use it tend to turn it off at some point, usually because they figured out what they were ‘missing’ in the first place.

  34. Coming back a month later to say you were right! Like my experience is exactly the same lol. I’ve been playing with accel since my original post and while I improved a lot I felt like my curve wasn’t right and made adjustments consistently to try and get it perfect. I bought a new mouse a couple days ago that is wireless and smaller than my previous one so I too has to switch to a fingertip, semi claw grip. That alone was a big adjustment so I figured I start from scratch with my accel curve. So I load up some bots with accel off to find a good low/high sens and wow was I surprised. Took a little bit to get used to it but my aim is better than it was with accel and wayyy better than before I made the switch. With fingertip grip and accel off it just feels so much more controlled and consistent. And I’ll say I’m glad because it was driving me crazy messing with my curve settings daily because I felt like something wasn’t right.

  35. Very well said! It’s crazy how quick most people are to write off accel as bad without giving it a try. Since switching, it feels like this is the way mouse aiming is supposed to be. I play mostly Call of Duty and always felt at a disadvantage in close range gunfights but with accel I’m getting the best of both worlds. I still need to find my perfect settings, but even with the basic curve I’m using now, my aim has improved drastically. This is one of the many reasons why I love PC gaming. Accel and programs like it add an entire new dimension to the experience.

  36. Really late but I’m currently doing the same thing after watching this episode lol.

  37. Wow I thought this was just me this whole time. It’s definitely a bug, no adjustment to my graphics settings will fix it.

  38. I would say anyone saying it's a certain something just don't believe you have that and don't dive into google over it, it can cause more worry than needed. It needs examination done before anything can be said for certain so going in with a bad mindset is just not worth it.

  39. You were right, I definitely psyched myself out a bit seeing some of the comments but I’m glad I went and got it taken care of.

  40. Cool, I just have that experience so I know this. Over diagnosis is something we learn from books and actually diagnosis is something we learn from practice. I have totally had patients come in with a well practiced theory and ready diagnosis. This mindset is just really stressful and you are forced to do more tests than required just so this negative thought can be erased. Btw what was the diagnosis? just curious, only if you are comfortable with it.

  41. I can definitely see that, I was ready to show them the Reddit comments when I was first checking in with the nurse haha. And as far as a diagnosis they didn’t really give me one. They just said it was an abscess that had gotten infected. The paper work just says abscess as well. Now I did tell them that this isn’t the first one I’ve had in that spot and they suggested I see my PCP to get more info.

  42. Seriously who needs a guide to get a weapon gold. You shoot people in a much of different ways. It’s not rocket science

  43. Why the hate? This was actually very useful considering that some of the challenges are bugged. Glad OP took the time to write this up.

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