1. Yuk. This is not 1965. Mustang is NOT that kind of car I want to drive today. I have 14 more years till my kids are out if the house. I'll be 62 at that point and still not wanting to be a Mustang driver.

  2. Ya, making everyone transition from the office to wendy's dumpsters

  3. My poop is a 4 on the poop scale so soft but not diarrea. I ate a lot of blood sausage when I was in Ireland a 10 years ago. It's changed me gut biome. I can't think of the last time I had hard poop with corn.

  4. Iv never seen the road, did I make an unintentional reference?

  5. Ahh it's a depressing story got it. Didn't realize it was a book.

  6. The Road is worse than Grave of the Fireflies. Each page of The Road is worse than the previous.

  7. Has there ever been any scams that have worked out so well that they arent considered scams anymore?

  8. Does anyone know when GameStop started using ComputerShare as a transfer agent? Is that something that happens at IPO and then set in stone or can the TA be changed?

  9. I’d imagine if they did want to change they would have to do a vote first anyway.

  10. Don't know. Overall I'm pretty happy with CS's services. I'd vote that initiative down if it came to it. Every one I know has had an easy/pleasant experience with their web app.

  11. Good idea, market crash around corner, invest in repossession companies and pawn shops while you’re at it as well.

  12. Req to have your shares withdrawn from the DTCC system and transferred to the corp transfer agent. Become a real owner of this corp.

  13. You guys need to move your stock off echange and out from the DTCC rehypothication system.

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