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  1. My assumption: you are 12 years old, and need more sleep.

  2. Is this in capitals because they are happy or because they are terrified? Like fear and excitement share a very blurry line, so it could be both.

  3. What are animal rights? Like aren't they just less rights than human rights but basically the same?

  4. That's basically how religion works. You believed someone has the power to do something, and that belief gives them the authority.

  5. Is no one seeing the names Theory and Written????? Like those arenot just words, but will be weaponized by others against that kid. I can hear it now...

  6. I know this is like a joke, but that's literally how a lot of people in colonized countries reacted to the pre-capitalism-to-capitalism transition. Like "OK this is too much, I'm better off in the woods/jungle/forest/seas."

  7. If we all rejected it now, we'd be fucked on so many levels. An incalculable amount of people would starve, the woods would be crowded, and we'd basically destroy the ecosystem.

  8. Yes, especially because most people are so trapped within capitalism they can't imagine anything else that doesn't start with a capitalist baseline, would just not actually work, or makes assumptions about the capabilities of others. It would take a while to get out of capitalism, and quite a lot of cooperation, but it could happen if the right system is proposed to take its place (and if people realize the benefits of cooperating on this project).

  9. Not excusing the fact, but some people don't have babies that still drink milk, but the milk doesn't stop for a while. If the boobs get too full they hurt tho, so like there is a time period of just having breast milk and no baby to drink it.

  10. ya ever heard about storing and donating milk? mothers who had too much milk can donate them to the Human Milk Bank, which will be given to mothers who ran out of milk too soon so they can feed their baby

  11. Some places don't have that, while dome people can't actually donate.

  12. I think that’s pretty common throughout history as well. The human condition hasn’t changed much since we came down from the tree tops.

  13. Sadly there are things that trouble people that are basically that level of worry. Is my school going to be shot up tomorrow? Will an invading country bomb my town while I sleep? Am I going to be able to make enough money to afford rent and basic food? Like the world is in a declining phase, and there is so much worry.

  14. I see the point you're making but.. "will I be able to make rent this month" is not nearly as bad as "hm wonder if the sun is gone forever"

  15. Really, that kind of depends on where you live. Sometimes having no safe place to sleep can lead to you not being able to see the sun rise tomorrow or ever again.

  16. Funny story, first time I was directed to JSTOR to find an article, my dyslexia kicked in and I read it as JORTS. So ya, I forever know them as JORTS now, and every time I think about them, and their logo, I think about jorts (the clothing), and then about Jorts (the snack food from Hilda), and then I laugh until I see the 200 pages of articles I have to read before tomorrow.

  17. Seems like the less vibrant the colours of a Joker, the less comedic and more mentally ill they get. So be sure to make sure your Joker is vibrant and cartoonishly villainous, it is good for their mental health.

  18. A bit more of that and there might have been an accidental discharge...

  19. My dad always used to say "I would actually pity the person who steals my identity. Like good luck paying off all that debt and dealing with my ex wife and ex employers. They're someone else's problems now, while I am free and nameless. Or maybe I'd just start blaming all my problems on them, including the ones I would most definitely make after the theft."

  20. See... ghosts are spooky and might possess you, and bigfoot might eat you, or your slim jim... But fae... They're no joke! They could steal your soul or offer you wishes and riches! High risk, high reward. Fae are tricksters to the highest degree!

  21. Technically fae also include creatures that will do far more than just steal your soul or abduct you. Some will just outright gut you alive for fun, drown you because they think you're cute, or turn your children into stew for not saying "thank you" (and others will do it just for answering them). Fae are just downright malicious in their little "games" sometime.

  22. Well, humans have laws to prevent humans from doing that to human children tho.

  23. We're so social that we have made technology specifically to share information with each other over insane distances in the blink of an eye. We are so social we pick on and even fight the leaders of countries who refuse to be social and refuse to play nice. We are so social that we cooperate with and even depend on people on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world to have a variety food to eat and stuff to use.

  24. That old saying "Don't piss down my neck and tell me it's raining" seems a lot more literal to me now.

  25. Even more than like the quotes about flying, or mattresses, or about Belgium?

  26. I have never heard about this book before but now I'm impulse buying it, I hope it's all just this energy

  27. All 6 are, and their very existence as a 6-book trilogy even embodies that energy.

  28. "Who do you think takes the tits?" Honestly, if only if only it worked like that. A lot of trans women would be very happen to take them off a trans man's hands (or rather off their chest). That way, the boobs would go where they are needed.

  29. That might actually be more "the love was there, and that's why there was a tragedy."

  30. "Your tongue is skilled, and I'm pretty confident that you eat more than yogurt."

  31. Honestly, a safe-space isn't an echo chamber, but the people who don't want categories to be fluid think that a safe-space is supposed to be an echo chamber. You can't grow in an echo chamber, but in a safe-space, where people aren't there to hate you but conflicting opinions can be presented respectfully, you can learn and grow.

  32. This kills me too tbh. I was blessed with being able to grow some dark fuz on my neck without needing to take testosterone, but my dad shames me and demeans me if I refuse to shave it off. That's why I like the face masked and also scarves. I get to keep the fuz and not be insulted for looking "unladylike"

  33. It's called pastel goth. Maybe even pastel punk.

  34. Both pastel goth and pastel bunk have pastel colours as one of the important elements. And pastel goth/goth is more Halloween-y (in a good way) and punk is more about craft and more edgy looking and also you need to be anarchist and listen to punk music to be punk. (I mean I'm anarchist and occasionally listen to punk music but that's not related to my clothing style 😅.)

  35. In that case I think the colours on my phone are messed up, because I thought they were pastel colours and black..

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