1. Get me that fish. Right there, I need it for a science experiment

  2. That hood looks like shit. So do those fenders. Oh well.

  3. Nah my cars look good not like some 2002 fast and furious bullshit

  4. We have these where I work it’s one of our products. Not a huge seller

  5. Submit it for whitetail outdoor life magazine I can 100% see this being a magazine cover

  6. I do sell my work to magazines and license them to outdoors / hunting companies. I'd love to get into a larger magazine such as WOL, but they are very selective. One day, hopefully.

  7. Based off this picture, your there. Just gotta wait till they see your work, stay motivated man it will pay off

  8. I’ve seen this person before, I believe I was reading Humpty Dumpty

  9. My man’s posted 1mil$ worth of hunts

  10. Don’t let people get away with talking to you like that literally just report it to the police with there names and they will take care of the rest these people need to actually wake up to reality you can’t be saying that kind of shit over a fuckin deer like cmon

  11. Agreed I personally wouldn’t because I don’t care but you really could have the police show up at there house and like make sure they’re not mentally Ill or trying to kill people, it makes them wake up to reality literally

  12. Be glad you found him. I’ve shot big buck that I never found that I know didn’t survive. You got him in the freezer the rest is history

  13. Don’t think she realizes how lucky she is, her first doe which was first day of archery this year ran 10 yards and died after getting heart shot (first deer she ever shot at) now this first day of rifle she gets a buck. Wish I was as lucky as her but I’m also looking for the big ones

  14. It is expired… they’re not “claiming” it is. It fucking is lol

  15. Well, honestly, first shot did go through the buck, above the spine (shaft is bloodied). Took 2 days to find him, as he was chasing does and acting like nothing happened....

  16. I’ve seen it happen before, feels bad

  17. 2 of the worst days of my life, I would say. Felt good when finally caught up with him.

  18. It’s why it’s called hunting and not killing! Prepare better for next time and try to see what you can do to avoid this from happening again, learn and grow from your mistakes shit happens

  19. I stopped trying to get mine off when I started doing damage lol

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