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  1. You have value to the world. I'm also trans, and I know it's hard. I lost so many people when I came out, but you know what? I gained a better family than I ever could have hoped to have. I may be an ocean away, but we are family.

  2. Oh, fucking gross! Dude's sexualizing a 13 year old? Goddam, what the hell is wrong with cishet men? Those are the only people making "jokes" like that.

  3. Congratulations! You got this! Some days are going to suck, I know, but there are moments of trans joy that make things worth all the while.

  4. "We'll take care of your husbands, you just pay for the drinks"

  5. With that attitude, I don't think he needs to worry about getting ANY pussy.

  6. She would be spending up to 4x more time training to be this guy's wife than cops spend training to be cops.

  7. That's convenient, since anyone who marries this guy is probably going to end up having to call the cops a lot.

  8. I ordered a large progress flag from you, and it's really good quality. Looks great in my basement.

  9. Oh, my god, yes! My boyfriend is like 4 inches taller than me, and nothing makes me melt quite like standing on my tiptoes to kiss.

  10. Basically, it's having someone finger fuck your inguinal canal. It doesn't sound all that exciting, and it's a bit uncomfortable at first, but holy fuck, it gets really intense. There's an e-zine called "Fucking Trans Women" that explains the whole thing.

  11. It's how you finger a trans woman. You have someone push a finger or two into your inguinal cavity, and they finger you that way. It was anti uncomfortable at first, but then, holy fuck! I never felt anything quite so intense in my life. My boyfriend even told that by the time I was done, he had four fingers inside me. It was amazing.

  12. "With my feet in the air, and my head on the ground" (The Pixies describe my go to sitting position)

  13. You two look adorable together! Trans love is a beautiful thing.

  14. Weird, because I don't pass, so I also lose straight privilege, and cis privilege as well.

  15. Have you tried bringing home another girl, and then making out on the couch in front of her?

  16. Still disappointed that "Your guess is as good as mine" isn't an option.

  17. I'm familiar with this guys posts. Literally everything he tweets is trash.

  18. I find not wanting to die anymore to be a pretty good consolation prize personally.

  19. Does anyone else agree that Matt Walsh just doesn't look real. He looks like an npc from a very well rendered vidrogame, but he absolutely doesn't look real. (Personaly, I think it's the beard. The beard looks like chi, or something. )

  20. Well, I'm a transgender woman, a little over a year into transition, so yeah, "GuyfromSTL" is a bit problematic.

  21. If you like Alec, go for it. I think that's a terrific name.

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