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Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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  1. i didn't even notice the shape until i read the comments, I just thought it looks delicious

  2. And you thought american conservatives were the only ones

  3. you and your friend don't understand optics

  4. Is the article insinuating that AS only did it after it became public? Cause if that’s true, yikes.

  5. i want to believe that AS wasn't aware if this. was this public knowledge in 2020? we're just hearing about this now. I wish I knew if it would be something his employers would be notified of when the whole legal process began.

  6. The Aunt, as the lawyer, should have just told him the cold, hard truth, upfront. I knew he was dead in the water as soon as he said that the contract says CarMax can back out at any time for any reason. I can tell you exactly what happened, they realized they made a bad deal and decided to exercise their option to unwind it . This is very simple. She should not have given him false hope. A law school student could have told you this was a long shot. You're going to fight a big ass uphill battle with a multi-billion dollar company with a contract that says they can do whatever they want to do. Good luck with that lawsuit.

  7. exactly what i was thinking. why even bother to put up a fight when the contract is very explicit. I wonder if OOP even bothered to read what he was signing...

  8. my only problem is that she didn't get to eat her potato w some nice sauce.

  9. The craziest thing for me, when I read these stories, is that a lot of these guys aren't even bad looking and could just find a girl if they actually tried and weren't obsessed with the shitty ideas their incel-bubble fills their brain with.

  10. Something here is not adding up and I can’t really put my finger on it. I’d say, at the very least, that couples’ counseling would be helpful for both of you, because you aren’t communicating well.

  11. his wife has been manipulating and gaslighting him for what sounds like weeks on end, loses emotional control and hits him

  12. It's important to note that this doesn't mean people are stupid. You can't judge intelligence based on someone's ability to read English. A doctor from India might have poor English literacy. The headline seems alarming, but it really isn't.

  13. they're not talking about bilingual adults in India tho....

  14. They are talking about adults in America. Many of whom (as mentioned in the article) are immigrants. This headline would be much more alarming if it had said "54% of Adults Who Speak English as a First Language..." It's important to question claims like this and understand what the headline is really saying.

  15. you said it yourself: this is about adults in America, not in India

  16. Don’t forget that almost the entire rest of the world is way less “Christian” (christofascist) than the United States. And no other developed country has issues with mass shootings like the US. The shootings aren’t because we aren’t all religious nutjobs. Arguably it’s the other way around.

  17. Also god only has shootings in probably one of the most religious areas of developed nations. In many other developed nations, especially those that aren't Christian, there are barely if any shootings, hrm. Weird.

  18. then God wants kindergarteners shot dead?

  19. there's a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. it's sad that people can't tell the difference nowadays.

  20. this is how we retroactively add Jeffrey Combs to TNG

  21. I've pretty much been Mandela-effected into believing he was in TNG I just always forget where.

  22. Imaginate que duro quedas si no sos argento o hispano hablante en general y te dan esta conversacion sin contexto y te dicen que entiendas

  23. JAJAJA, ¿qué decís? Quizá hablaste con costeños, pero el hondureño, salvadoreño y guatemalteco, todos vosean. También Nicaragua y Costa Rica, pero estos últimos son más snob y les gusta tutear más.

  24. I sure hope the people in costa rica are vaccinated

  25. we are. I can't tell you exactly what vaccines and at what age, but kids are mandated to be vaccinated. every baby is vaccinated after were born (I still have a scar where I got vaccinated as baby in my arm) and later during school. I even think the vaccine drives are held at schools to make sure no kid goes missing. at least that's how it was when I was young.

  26. it seems to me that those guys are the ones being emotional

  27. that's super adorbs and I love it but I doubt my players would care lol

  28. Hey, at least they delivered it to the correct State...

  29. that was the only reason to keep using amazon....

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