Russell Westbrook against the Nuggets off the bench: 18 points (6/12 FG, 2/4 3PT, 4/4 FT), 8 rebounds, 8 assists, and a game high +18

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  1. They’re in a porn sub where porn usually has another naked dude in the videos they’re watching while they jerk off. So confused by their comment. As if jerking off from behind a screen is any different than watching up close. Somehow the screen makes it “not gay.”

  2. its a bitch deep throatin in a club and you focused on another nigga fam the only thing weird is you yall sus niggaz be projecting

  3. The guy talks like he’s never seen another naked dude fuck a chick in porn while he’s jerking off watching.

  4. I said bogut AND green, you just keep focusing on the role player. A team losing a key member of the rotation is a big deal no matter what, especially when he’s your only legit big. Losing both was an automatic loss for game 6 which clearly changed the series. Discrediting either win is just being salty af plain & simple.

  5. You can’t argue with these Warriors haters and LeBron fans. Bogut was important to that team’s rotation and all they do is mention his minutes and his “no contribution” by looking at the box score. While out he had to be replaced by an injured Festus and Varejao who didn’t do much. Saying 12 minutes wouldn’t have played an impact is ridiculous. It reminds me of when Iguodala was injured during the Rocket’s series while Chris Paul was injured and they were both out. All Rocket’s fans and Warriors haters kept saying since Iguodala was a role player and Chris Paul was a starter that you couldn’t compare their impact and it was ridiculous to complain about Iguodala missing any games since it doesn’t matter. All while they complained how they were missing Mbah a Moute and how his defensive would have helped.

  6. I feel like I was talking to people who didn’t even watch a minute of those games. Bogut was impactful as a passer, rebounder & defender, it was never about the stat sheet with us. All I said was both teams were missing players in the Finals & that apparently hurt some feelings lmao.

  7. It's funny to me that these haters say their starting center and player who was part of the small rotation didn't have any impact. As you said, defending, passing, rebounding, setting screens, his chemistry with Curry - yeah, I guess none of that matters. Just know that LeBron will get any excuse by his fans with their weird, creepy obsession for him. The fact that his fan believe he never legitimately lost a Finals, single handedly carried the Cavs by himself without help, think he should have 14 MVPs and think it's better to go 4-6 than 6-0 really shows you how delusional they are.

  8. The Miami Heat defense was aggressively hedging the ball handler on pick and rolls. A great passing team like the Spurs tore that up. The Warriors were even better than that Spurs team at moving the ball. Miami doesn't have much of a chance.

  9. The Heatles are such a weird team to me on this sub. I’ve seen many who say the Heatles weren’t that good, nor a superteam, and LeBron did all the heavy lifting with Wade and Bosh barely contributing, yet I’ve seen this sub rank them highly and say they could beat or hang close to any version of the Warriors.

  10. I don't personally think they could beat the Warriors, I just they would have been favorites in the betting sense, like the Big-3 Nets were favorites over Milwaukee

  11. Fair enough. That makes sense. The Heatles are in a weird dichotomy to me (is that the right word) where people say they weren’t good but at the same time rank the highly in hypotheticals. I feel like the Warriors don’t get the respect because people will either mention injuries, or the refs helping them or the other team’s players playing bad?

  12. When? Boston had two fouls called against them in the entire 2nd quarter and GSW had 5. If you’re trying to suggest that they were supposed to have some sort of insurmountable lead after the first quarter then idk what to tell you

  13. The Warriors hate on this sub is laughable. They’re the only team I’ve seen that people fanfic ridiculous crap to justify their unfounded hatred.

  14. Trying to carry bums? He’s been the third best player out of these home he’s supposedly carrying. AD and Westbrook definitely better so far. Bron stans live on a different planet, nonstop blame deflection

  15. According to this sub, LeBron has only played with bums. Funny how he’s only won with another top tier talent or two but still credited as “single handedly” carrying his teams. When he has no help people on here are crying he needs help. When he has help it’s said the help needs him, he doesn’t need the help; he’s doing all the work alone.

  16. Lol what are you saying here? That his kid is doing this in an effort to get more of Wades attention? Hahahaha I guess that’s a possibility, and surely you know better than Wade, considering your close relationship to the family.

  17. I love how de-transition stories are these transphobic’s “gotcha” when it comes to someone identifying how they feel comfortable. The statistics don’t even back up these transphobes claims and every de-transition story they talk about is usually the same 3 stories I see them link. I looked into the statistics years back and it was like 13 out of every 200,000 regretted transitioning and transitioning in this case usually meant coming out to friends and family who shamed or disowned them. Why people care so much what someone does that doesn’t affect them confuses me.

  18. Do you have a source for that stat? I’d be interested in learning more about this issue

  19. Unfortunately no. I believe it was on the WHO site at one point. This was about 4 years ago. Most of the statistics pointed to those who transitioned were happier and few regretted transitioning. Most regret and suicide was due to the fact that friends and family weren’t supportive and either shamed or disowned them that led to depression. Anytime you see on reddit saying 80% of trans people regret it it doesn’t even make common sense.

  20. Ooooooo have you seen that trans period fanfics? That was a whole thing on gen crit.

  21. Ah, I’m unaware of this. Could you explain?

  22. While there’s a few that probably go to that extent, that’s not common at all like these TERFs like to scream. TERFs love making up stories even though they like to say trans people are playing pretend. Those anti-trans subs were hilarious. The fact that people who hated trans sat their all day talking about trans people doesn’t even make sense to me.

  23. Can really tell the average age of this sub, physically and/or mentally, when people are saying they actually laughed at that non funny garbage

  24. It's the same shit with the "he boomed me" for me. People on here repeatedly posting it talking about how they burst into hysterical laughter that their entire office is confused yet no where in that line is anything remotely funny. Every person on here constantly reposts the same jokes every thread and acts like they're a comedian. I have seen the same jokes posted where people say they laugh so hard that they're smacking their leg from how hard they're laughing. The same joke they've seen and reposted so many times.

  25. Strawman is one of Reddit’s favorite buzzwords that’s always used incorrectly. I don’t think I’ve seen it used correctly once and whenever it is used, it’s always used in a situation that doesn’t even make sense. It’s just said as some sort of, “ha, I win” retort.

  26. Again she did nothing wrong. So it’s not victim blaming. Your ignorance makes my skin crawl. There, now you can feel like a victim. Also not a single thing I originally said had a female pronoun. “They” is a pronoun to indicate two individuals.

  27. It’s idiots like him who read reddit buzzwords that are commonly misused and just parrot them around. Red flags, gaslighting, victim blaming. So many terms used on reddit without its correct definition.

  28. You mean delusional LeBron fans. Already seen someone excuse this by calling it a “meaningless regular reason game.” The same “meaningless” games that rewards someone MVP which they love to brag how many LeBron has or his longevity stats which are earned through these same “meaningless” games. Or how you reach the playoffs in the first place.

  29. When Jordan missed the playoffs it was his fault, when LeBron missed the playoffs it’s his teams fault. I don’t get it. The same fans who used to parrot how LeBron never lost in the first round as some amazing accomplishment until the Suns eliminated him in the first round. From the way his fans talk you’d think never losing in the first round was more impressive than never losing in the Finals.

  30. He’s a white guy who’s won playoff games so naturally Reddit is gonna think he’s classy

  31. His constant screaming, whining, red temper face and shirt ripping is called “passionate and competitiveness” by reddit. Any other player it’s seen as immature, second hand embarrassment and bitching.

  32. Nah man the sub knows more about what Poole is feeling more than Poole himself

  33. This is the sub where people can psychoanalyze someone’s body language and mental health from a picture of them smiling and a slight raised eyebrow. There was a highly upvoted comment awhile back talking about how KD is lonely, depressed and insecure and was displaying signs of being bipolar, ADHD and intellectually disabled.

  34. Y'all bitter because you were hoping this incident would fuck up our locker room not because anyone gives a shit about Poole.

  35. Seriously. This is just the reddit mob salivating at the thought of Draymond receiving a week suspension, some games suspensions, and a fine. The amount of comments calling Draymond washed, overrated and the weakest link on the team really shows this is about the hatred for Draymond than anything else.

  36. I think it’s sick that most of the time when Malone is brought up on what he’s done is always used as a joke. They preach the seriousness of what he did in the form of a punchline. “What did 7 say to 8? You’re too old for Malone hehehe Malone has left the chat hehehe” “There’s my 20 seconds of outrage today. Anyway, back to making homoerotic jokes and Wemby number 1.”

  37. Not true people were saying he was the next LeBron his freshman year of highschool ! Zion was getting 10x as much hype. People who didn’t even follow basketball knew who Zion was

  38. What’s with people trying to change what happened? You’re correct. Zion was said to be the biggest thing since LeBron and AD’s hype (I don’t think how accurate this one is but I do remember people saying AD was the last star to receive big hype before entering the league). Zion was being followed since high school and thought to become the face of the league after LeBron.

  39. Foreal. I’ve never seen anyone getting that hype as a highschooler besides LeBron. Outside of reddit I have seen really little about Wembamyama. I’m not talking about draft position or how polished there skills are. I’m talking about HYPE.

  40. He had celebrities going to his games. Wasn't he the most followed prospect on social media? He sold out games. Everything he did was posted on here. Everyone was amazed that someone his size had speed, handles and athleticism. The hype around him was huge. The media tried to find ways to bring him to the Knicks. How can anyone try and deny his hype?

  41. It’s his deranged fanbase that can’t come to terms that he’s just washed

  42. His fans are crazy obnoxious. Always talking about he deserves to be in the league while also not wanting him on their team. I think it’s funny how his fans refer to him as a champion because he was on the roster for the Raptors and talk about all the things he did behind the scenes to deserve that ring, while laughing and joking about “champions” DJ Mbenga or Adam Morrison.

  43. Didn't the Cavs staff say Curry was injured and obviously not playing his usual self? If Curry said he was injured all you'll hear is how he's making excuses. There's no winning in this case.

  44. Good thing another user posted it in this thread:

  45. I posted this in another thread but I'll post it here. Nothing too interesting.

  46. I had something similar happen to me. Wasn't stood up but matched with someone who wanted "deep, meaningful and intellectual responses." Most of her responses were short and it felt like I was putting in all the effort. Got unmatched after one of my responses. A month later she matches with me again and tries to act like nothing happened. I go along with it and again I'm putting in too much effort from someone who's not doing their part in responding with deep, insightful responses. Also got defensive over a joke and after a few more responses I got unmatched with again.

  47. What's worse is when you message them about a project they turn it down because "it seems like too much work".

  48. Some of them are too expensive. I had one where designing a card back was gonna cost 300. Every card after that another 100. I was confused.

  49. Idk. I’ve known a few big ugly chicks in my life that also believed everyone looked at them as they walked in

  50. I'm always confused when I see these kinds of chicks with bios with crazy criteria like they're the hottest thing you'll ever have. I saw a bio that said, "I'm a queen and if you can't afford me you ain't shit. 6'6 and above. If you're shorter you're getting ghosted and ignored. I don't talk to little boys. I get what I want and do what I want so if you can't handle that fuck off. I don't need to prove anything to you. You need to meet my expectations. I'm the best thing any guy could have so I don't play because I know I'm worth it." 5'2, round, very below average looking Latina.

  51. Same as the, “Chris Paul vs Deron Williams was an actual debate” comment that always gets posted whenever Deron Willliams’ name is mentioned.

  52. And Robert Covington is called underrated so much he is overrated.

  53. I just saw some comments saying RoCo is underrated and any team would want him. I remember after his time with the Rockets this sub said he wasn’t good and was overrated.

  54. she's a special kind of person... right wing MAGA trans.

  55. I learned about her years ago. I remember her saying that if you didn’t hate yourself and weren’t suicidal about your gender then you weren’t a real trans. My favorite statement from her was how she thought any trans that went for the bimbo look or cared about their appearance, like wanting big boobs and curves, were perverts, freaks and weren’t trans but those with a fetish. Which is funny because that’s her whole look.

  56. I'm convinced the person he cheated with was a minor, that's the only explanation I can think of for all the outrage and secrecy. The only reason I imagine a consensual relationship can be this big of a deal is if one of the people is a minor, which isn't legally consensual and is absolutely disgusting. I hope I'm wrong.

  57. That’s what I’m thinking. That’s the only thing that makes sense. He got a staff member’s underage daughter pregnant. What else would have this much secrecy? What doesn’t add up is how the Celtics were aware of the relationship since June and intervened once the woman said Ime made uncomfortable comments towards her. That kind of weakens that theory. But nothing else really makes sense for how bad people are saying it is.

  58. Yeah that’s a valid point. I’m just trying to make sense of all the secrecy and disgust from people who are aware of the details. But yeah the Celtics definitely would have acted sooner and probably with law enforcement if there was a minor involved.

  59. The players are cheaters. Everyone knows they are and some even admit it. Even they’re like, “I’ve cheated but what Ime did is unbelievable. Disgusting. Horrible. Why? I want to say more but I can’t.” and you’re there thinking, “what the fuck could he have done that has the league in disgust?” What could have happened if it’s that serious?

  60. Legit curious, when was the last time someone won the MVP award while having a top 5/10 player in the league as a teammate?

  61. That’s what I don’t get. When KD was on the Warriors the media said neither could be MVP because he and Steph would take votes away from each other. Then the first season AD and LeBron played together you had fans and the media arguing either could be MVP.

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