1. I haven’t heard anyone say lollygagging in years

  2. If LoC. What Exalted ability do you choose? And why over kairos?

  3. Kairos doesn’t do enough for the points compared to exalted and prob master mutator to maximize how many mortals I can dish out

  4. Also, with AoO, do I still need to stay under 25% demons?

  5. I don’t honestly know, I wanna say no since AoO doesn’t state for the Battle Brothers detachment, but the codex says yes still. I hope they FAQ it to clarify

  6. Spartan *assault party bus. You wanna keep those devastators far away so they can keep shooting. Assault centurions though? Hell yeah.

  7. No, since the LoC and Chaos abominant Knight are allies from different factions and we can only have one allies detachment in AoO. From the top of my head, only follower of Bel'akor can have two allies detachment.

  8. AoO only allows one allied detachment though. You have the option of either a Combat Patrol or a SHA listed from the battle brothers options, not both.

  9. The funny part is the emperor was probably all these occupations at one point

  10. I never truly understood psychological damage until I read this post

  11. Rule 5: This is a propaganda poster of Hitler after Germany occupied Ukraine. As always, I find it bizarre why they specifically chose this oddly specific poster to use as the basis of his portrait, but if you do the research you'll find the majority of portraits have unusual sources.

  12. Idk if id describe my eyes getting shot as ‘medium’ pain

  13. Personally I always say runes, grace, flasks but I don’t get offended if someone calls it something else.

  14. it really makes me feel like a war criminal

  15. If I don’t keep my occupation level at Forced Labor, am I truly playing Nazi Germany?

  16. If you go to the construction tab you can see how much of your factories go to consumer goods. The trade laws are completely irrelevant.

  17. Nothing seems to appear regarding national spirits, and it states 128 of my factories go to consumer goods

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