1. I think a good start is police should ask neighbors for info. Like did they hear a fight.

  2. Well, let's start with the floor: self-incriminating evidence. Admissions of guilt, or at least admitting to the elements of the crime. Criminals are sometimes surprisingly stupid with what they talk about online or via text. Some do make false confessions. But also, a confession is in itself evidence that must be tested.

  3. Simplest way would be to just warrant and take away accused and accussors electronics, copy all of the data to a police hard drive, return the electronics and analyze the data.

  4. What's the point of recording if it's inadmissible as legal defense?pardon me if I'm missing something obvious

  5. There are a select few NGOs that could be of help in your situation. If you share your country with me, I can look whether one exists there.

  6. Post a link there and ask for mod and I'll try to figure out how to do it from Reddit infinity app


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