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  1. $5 is not a huge dip. It's sideways as it has been for years

  2. Considering it was +15% and jumped to -20% we talking a 35% drop over night 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣 people usually be happy if a company trades 7% over a year

  3. Tell me the market is rigged without telling me the market is rigged

  4. Guys I'm guilty. I haven't bought shares in a year or something. I'm too poor for this shit at this point. I invested all i had when shares were around 200 us dollars each and now I've been living paycheck by paycheck. Currently I got 19$ on my bank account, can't even buy a share on discount. Fuck this shitty system, let MOASS happen:(

  5. Me too, ape. Haven’t bought in a few quarters. Poor and laid off

  6. Yeah i was laid off too:( still waiting for my first unemployment payment

  7. agora vamos começar a dar valor aos americanos. bastava 1 arma para ter terminado esta situaçao em menos de 2 segundos, e sabe-se la quantas mais pessoas ele atacou depois do video acabar

  8. Ayo imagine having a wife and this is how she reacts to shit. Fuck that i know why yo man left. You act like a 1yr lmao kicking the air while screaming and crying. Wtf is wrong with these people

  9. respect to all doctors that see and touch shit like this every day. jesas

  10. people are so fucking stupid thinking they know everything about everything and this will the death of us

  11. too much information and miss information since you are born. kids cant see whats real and whats not, so they end up killing themselves over scenarios that only exist in their heads

  12. Shave it dude. You look a lot more masculine and dominant

  13. Are people actually doing this? Wtf is 3 days of not using it and then coming right back, going to accomplish?

  14. the same as big brother or a football game.. If nobody watches it then they lose money + we only intent to send a message to remind them we are who we are and we do/should have a saying in this, because WE (regular users) make the success they have. Reddit is the few places on the internet where you actually can feel free to the point of feeling like you back to 2012

  15. Same happened to me with Microsoft. Fuck these guys cutting costs

  16. You look way better, younger and more confident. Amazing stuff dude! I'm happy for you

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