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  1. Bhvr is pushing that “finisher mori” update pretty hard despite the negative reactions to it. There’s a common theory that they want to sell moris, and the finisher update would prevent pay to win allegations since the only time you can mori someone would be when the game is literally over.

  2. Beg the devs, and they might add it. Any opportunity to make money they will take. Try sending an email, just include “will spend money”

  3. Freddy, Myers, and Trapper sitting with powers that are so weak that their only saving grace is strong perks. Pyramidhead, Freddy, Billy, Twins, and Nemesis sitting on two to three usable add-ons. Twins being nearly unplayable from all the bugs. Addons like Alchemist's Ring and Mother-Daughter ring.

  4. As surv, I liked being given enough info (pre hotfix) such that additional info like gen progress was deducible by seeing how long the gen icon was present. Now that info is just given to you directly and its slightly less fun.

  5. I did it with bots, not other players. I'm sure it would be harder with bad players getting your way, but I've also done it solo, as in just me.

  6. If the team dies and continues the level, the number of corruption cards doubles. Which effectively doubles the mutation spawn rate.

  7. I mean, that’s already true for DBD since the first Resident Evil chapter.

  8. Or a discounted sell back. Even 100bo per time or summit. Don't care - get them out of my sight 😜

  9. Unfair? No, that'd prob be the food one for me. Obnoxious? Absolutely, the slow movement is painfully annoying, and God forbid you play solo.

  10. I love ravenous. Plenty of food on solo runs, it's just a trauma healer

  11. Don't be mad OP, this is simply how the Hags attempt to find a mate, you are about to be a proud dad!

  12. Nah i dont need to, i can just stare at her mud medusa outfit lol

  13. Youre lucky youre not going against huntress lullaby survellience freddies and doctors

  14. Especially since huntress lullaby is no longer a hex at the moment ;)

  15. I don't see how that would ever be balanced or acceptable honestly.

  16. Mabye if the survivor always has a permanant 20% hinder effect lol

  17. Honestly I still see people that use it aggressively despite the change on the stun time. Paired typically with DH/OTR. Those are the people that got it to where it is now, then they're amazed when the killer goes for that person again.

  18. Yeah, either the 5 second stun back or able to use it more than once (preferably with some haste too tho)

  19. This is exactly why tunneling increased so much.

  20. Are you talking about where you can jump off the vent where the explosives are normally located and get ontop the small building next to it?

  21. This is literally the best fucking one how are none of ya’ll talking about it

  22. Yeah unlike killers, the survivors are a glorified cosmetic once their perk is unlocked on others. There's is zero actual purpose in choosing a specific survivor, they have nothing unique making them worth trying out. You can put the same build on every one and it changes nothing except the noises you might hear.

  23. Pretty much only reasonable if the jason kills the host 1 min into the game or someone is teamkilling

  24. bruh i died because of it, i thought it was some sort of new update

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