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  1. M.u.s.c.l.e. men. I had a whole pound puppies plastic lunchbox filled with these! I wish I still had them

  2. This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. What sharp, creative minds those two have.

  3. This is not the answer i was looking for.

  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!! Mod Shop carried them up as a neck option until last month. And, Fender did sell “replacement” necks at one time.

  5. How is that a joke? That's just white supremacy and the implied threat of deadly violence.

  6. How this is white supremacy? The two idiots are not even remotely white.

  7. Yea multiple piece bodies on painted guitars are very common.

  8. Virtually all Fenders are 2 and 3-piece bodies. 99%

  9. Oh man I'd pay some 💰 for that. I love that wood grain and color.

  10. Thanks! I built #3 with the intention of selling. I haven’t decided yet if that’s still the case haha

  11. This is excellent. What kind of stain did you use

  12. Stewmac blue dye. I started light and went darker each coat until I got the color I wanted.

  13. Good to know, thanks! It turned out great. Job well done.

  14. Imagine living your whole life in the dark depths, then as you fall ill and begin to die you're swept far above to the end of the ocean (which you didn't even know existed), a bright and painful place where you encounter otherworldly creatures.

  15. Beautiful guitar. And dude, those 69s. I have some on a partscaster I built. They are so good.

  16. God this drives me up a fucking wall, I thought I was Mr. Coolguy with my black-limba body, but now I clearly am not and need to immediately go purchase a roasted ash blank to build another guitar.

  17. I’m no Trump fan, but also I’m not offended by every meme I don’t like. Being offended by everything is a major problem in this country, and it’s driven by social media posts like this.

  18. Holy shit! That's the best looking natural finish Strat that I have ever seen. It doesn't look anything like the typical partscaster but rather very much like a FCS job. Roasted wood is absolutely the best way to go.

  19. Thank you! I really appreciate that. It is without question the best guitar I have ever played with an incredibly unique feel and sound all its own. It “breathes.” It’s built with American Pro specs, which is my jam as a contemporary player. The wood still smells amazing too!

  20. IMHO, Blonde or Honey would be a good contrast to the all rosewood neck.

  21. Agreed. This is one of two I’m prepping to build with. The smooth play of natural rosewood is unmatched in my opinion.

  22. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. (Learned how to repair Harleys) University of Illinois. (Political Science BA) Western Michigan Law (JD)

  23. I have 2 SSS strat builds under my belt, one with Vmods and one with Custom Shop 69s. I love them both equally and they serve different purposes. I plan to build 2 more, one with Fat 50s and another Vmod.

  24. I will also say that I “grew up” on Vmods and thought their mid-level hotness was the perfect balance….UNTIL I tried out CS 69s which are dialed back and have a much clearer tone, which enables me to turn up my volume and hit better loud tones.

  25. I really like the look of your Tele. Beautiful.

  26. Sick. Love the color and visible wood grain. Nice work!

  27. If you have access to a sandblaster, you could take off some of the gran and do a fill.

  28. I’ve been told using Corn, not sand, is the best way to sandblast. Doesn’t imbed sand in the wood.

  29. Yes. But I’d use agricultural feed corn. Has to be rock hard.

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