1. I'm really tired of of a fandom that is predominantly White, Straight and Female using the terms "Tops and Bottoms" In regards of sex.

  2. It is also used in the BDSM world no matter who is having the sex. I imagine that the fact that "Fifty Shades" (terrible representation of it FYI) brought it to mainstream attention has influenced the use of the terms in whatever fandom you are speaking of.

  3. This. These fat white women wont stop shutting us (woc) down and speaking over us. The show talked about racial diversity (hence the queen being black which was a speculation in history not a fact) and as woc we wwnt to see people like us in love.

  4. You are assuming that the women doing this are fat.

  5. Yes, they honestly get such a pass and while I don't think they're ultimately bad people they've done some shit I think should have gotten more scrutiny.

  6. I think selling some "miracle drink" diet aid is way worse than hawking crappy made clothes....

  7. I think that she got a similar sized house is so fucking scripted - or the family being extra douchey.

  8. I thought about that too - they were back in Flagstaff for a night and who made room for Truely? Janelle. Not Kody and Robyn. Not even Meri in her very of rental mansion. No. Janelle and Savannah in their RV

  9. Ro be fair' Christine told Meri she wanted space. Meri is giving that to her. It is unfair to expect Meri to be the B&B in Flagstaff.

  10. That’s true, but Meri could still give Christine space but make room for Truely. A simple text to Christine “hey, I know you need space and I 100% respect your boundaries but I wanted you to know that Truely is always welcome to stay with me if she visits Flagstaff” is what a good mother would do. Heck she could even reach out to one of the adult daughters “I know your mom wants space but if Truely ever wants to visit me, my doors are open”

  11. And she might have - we don't see everything.

  12. So…Both Janelle and Meri’s profits went to Robyn’s house? Robyn’s a crook.

  13. I wonder if she gets benefits from all of her kids living there still?’s so shady.

  14. Think of how those kids got ripped away from their biodad, thrown into the Brown mess and expected to immediately love their new dad, 3 Stepmoms, and a bazillion stepsibs—on TV. No wonder they’re anxious and eager to please. For all they know, this new world could also blow up at any time.

  15. And it will... all TV shows end eventually... or recast.

  16. Not a good comparison. Scholarships (for the very most part) are merit based. The uncles are helping out due to a biological connection. They’re not “earning it” they’re getting it because they exist, basically.

  17. My cousins' kids got scholarships/aid because their father was already in the military and in the Middle East on 9/11. (I don't know the deets). There were numerous scholarships for kids of 9/11 victims.

  18. That’s what I had tonight, but those bags o’ Idahoan are also freakin delicious

  19. It must be Idahoan. I tried another brand... BLECH.

  20. Maria seems like it's in development hell. Wicked starts filming in December, I've seen the 5th as the start date from insiders. People were saying he wouldn't start until next year but they were Bridgerton fans just guessing/hoping that gives him time to film Bridgerton

  21. Not yet, I want to but I don’t wanna ruin my dads relationship with his parents and ruin thanksgiving, I might talk to him after so that we can still have fun and I might as well make a distance between me and my grandpa

  22. Female and I did, I just don’t know how to confront him and tell my dad.

  23. You do not confront your grandfather. Tell your parents. Do not be in a room alone with your grandfather.

  24. Nah. That’s not an excuse. Meri has an income producing asset that’s 100% in her name plus her leggings (which I hate but they do make her a lot of money). Even if she handed over the Vegas money she’ll be aight.

  25. Meri's assets are tied up in property. She can't instantly liquidate that B&B, which had to shut down for a time in a pandemic.

  26. The two times Christine went to Meri to discuss her relationship with Kody, Meri blamed Christine. She wasn’t supportive, she told her it was her fault, she needed to change. Meri revels in other people’s misery.

  27. Christine pulled Meri aside and told her she was a downer and shouldn't be putting her baggage on the rest of them when they were together.

  28. Meri looked upset but she does have her B&B asset.

  29. lmao right? she definitely knows very little about other polygamist families. she didn’t even live with her other moms.

  30. That she had the audacity to talk like that when Meri and Christine are RIGHT THERE! Both raised in the thick of it. Christine's family history, and Meri's mom so into it that she was the principal of that "school" to keep kids indoctrinated!

  31. How incredibly callus and horrible to not only say that in front of the kids, but to DOUBLE DOWN right in front of them. That is horrible.

  32. Exactly! Like we can be sad that we missed out on the baby stuff of some of the kids and enjoy the babyhood of the others. (But honestly, the older kids are more enjoyable - newborns are just screaming, pooping potatoes.)

  33. I feel that it is important to know this was all in lockdown.

  34. there are stupid people, and there are people who accidentally use the same phrasing as stupid people

  35. There wasn't a 'context'. For all I know, the original commenter really is one of those assholes.

  36. I have it on my Netflix queue for when I finish the last season of Dead To Me. I need more than 24 hours! 😭

  37. Well, on twitter people sure as hell dusted off their Charles and Camilla memes and photos.

  38. I’d hire him to play Dick Solomon for my wedding

  39. Winston Churchill for the ceremony, Dick Solomon for the reception.

  40. If I were a DJ I would take his money then play Let’s Hear It For the Boy.

  41. OMG.... was just about to make that suggestion but decided to scroll down first!

  42. This is such an easy $300 problem tooth to fix with some dental bonding using similar color to the nearby teeth or $1500 for one veneer. It's ridiculous

  43. You've never met someone with severe anxiety around going to the dentist, have you?

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