1. Couldn’t even get past the first episode that was playing without audio in the background at my gym. Looks so corny.. tried to watch again at home and 5min in, I switched it off as to not taint my perception of lotr.

  2. I made it to episode 5 I think, lotta effort, & I noticed I kept checking how much time was left in the ep. & realized “dude, I need to paint this patchwork on my wall, what am I doing?”.. then I watched the paint dry instead of watching Rings of Power.

  3. That’s actually really good, I was making 6.15 in Texas in Highschool, that was 2010! Haha

  4. I started a dynasty with them as HC, I think I’m like 25 years in haha I like using the schools that start with a small over-all record

  5. Went about a month ago for the first time and also wasn't impressed. The cocktail I had was also awful.

  6. I’ve always thought the bees knees kinda taste like a floor cleaner smells, it can be for a particular palate haha I like the Pimm’s Cup & Amaretto Sours a lot though

  7. My gf and I had the whole house to ourselves for an extended weekend while our roommate was gone and we felt that

  8. I’ve been bartending for a couple years now & when I wear GMM shirts I’ll buy my customers a drink when they comment on it, It’s worth the $6

  9. Ginger ale is refreshing and peppy. Gin is earthy and botanical. Flavors actually blend pretty well depending on the gin of course. I'll never complain about making two part drinks tho. Wouldn't care if people were pounding orange soda and tequila.

  10. i do something similar, i keep a google drive folder for my dynasty, recapping each game from the season w statistics, and with a “team honors” section for each season at the end, where I go through and honor any awards (winners, finalists, and semifinalists) as well as any All-American / All-Conference selections, and any draft picks.

  11. I love keeping those, I’d keep overall records with every team & made sure I had a winning record against them all

  12. Right!? I've only heard it from my relatives, those sweet highschool lovers that are still together at the age of 60s.

  13. So in the 40’s when my grandparents met they were like 6 years old, & they lived in rural west Texas. They exchanged lockets in 1st grade & at the time was a big deal, the teacher made them give each others lockets back.

  14. What’s wild about this to me most is I’m watching this at 11pm but I played this at exact game 11am this morning… but I won at BGU so

  15. I grew up 40 minutes from Juarez Mexico. We would go to J Town at least twice a week to party. I would watch the bartenders marry half drank Corona bottles into one, slap a cap on it, and give it right back to us for drink and drowns. There would be floaties. I refuse to drink Corona with or without grenadine. We also drank slammers. Flavored liquor with sprite shaken in the shot glass with a filthy wet bar towel that was just used to clean the bar top. Slam the shot on the bar and enjoy. Damn, my youth was gross.

  16. I’ve got a Bichir that I once watched death roll a snail that caused the shell to fly off & it was like the T-Rex in Jurassic park eating that goat

  17. I didn’t join the service industry till I was 27, dude, I’m 30 & I bartend one place & bar back another. Never too late.

  18. Yeah... Just try to get a foot in and plant some ideas or fact which can't be disproven.

  19. My dad (70 y/o, life long Republican) just stopped watching Fox. It was wild when he told me, I didn’t know what to say haha just sat there on my phone slack jawed


  21. We have a gin/italicus drink one on our menu in a collins glass but someone didn’t like it but after changing it to a rocks glass with a big ice cube it was great . These are just weird guys who want to look cool drinking something in a rocks glass with a cube . Someone asked for a margarita w/2 shots of tequila and they wanted it on a big cube too , he was a bit different though cause he still wanted a salt rim lmao

  22. lol you reminded me of this woman who ordered a margarita but instead of sweet & sour she wanted Blue Curacao.

  23. Stop using shitty canned pineapple juice and store bought grenadine, and you’ve got yourself a tasty drink.

  24. We make our own pineapple juice in house every morning, it absolutely ruined drinking pineapple juice that isn’t that fresh

  25. Pinot's palette, Jenks aquarium, gathering place

  26. “Alcohol doesn’t solve problems, it just makes them go away”

  27. In no way or fashion was that response an attack.

  28. Sorry, I guess I read it in a different tone than I shoulda. Removed my comment

  29. Really? I just wear my sopping wet underwear after I get out of the shower. I don’t bring a towel anyways, cause who would bring a towel to the gym

  30. I had a 29gl heated with 24/7 light (no fish) ran for 2 months. No algae bloom.

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