1. That looks like it came from the grocery style. The seasoning aisle

  2. Yeah right Ricky's new gf is awesome. They're even making a new season of the old tpb. His dad didn't die he just collected a life insurance scam. Probably just went the Trevor route. Tpb is awesome every single season. Not including the cartoon bs. Even the live in movies are okay. They could've done way better and there's so much potential.... I'd move to Sunnyvale and live in a trailer if that meant living in a community of cool down ass mfers. Besides we would pimp em out. Be the new 2023 tpb.

  3. 123 movies barely has any episodes. Use yandex search engine. Much better results

  4. The show would've been way better if you actually used real weed and not hemp

  5. I have the same memory except I feel like when she went to the cave she was sitting in a log looking in a little puddle of something and something scared her that's when the moment you described could've happened but for some reason I remember her meeting Peatry at this moment?

  6. This or Verano Cherry Malt???? Trying to decide between the 2. Both high THC never tried either cultivator

  7. thats why you have to go when it's on sale. like today it's 20% off all flower

  8. I'm excited to try this one just picked it up a couple hours ago haven't even opened it.

  9. People wanna see the product they are buying especially for the Ohio prices.

  10. I never really cared for the food and fast food in general I've been staying away from for years but I know for a fact it was never spelled fully as "chick" because in the commercials they would always spell "eat more chikin" wrong and that always coincided with their name. It's how you ever remembered them because they spelled it wrong. There is no "Mandela effect". The top 1% just want to anger and confuse the shit out of you so chaos and disorder will ensue. The Cia works for them. And thats all it is.

  11. Fake. Completely. Slowed the video way down and it’s a dude in a t-shirt with lightbulb goggles around his nose.

  12. This is clearly fake. You can clearly see the "crawler" is actually just some random dude at 2:28

  13. A. It's not very clear at all. IF this is fake it's really good. And B. You don't know if that's a guy or not that's just your opinion. Morons like you that talk like this are the true arrogant retards. Don't you know how to break a video down without being completely arrogant? It's really not hard to work together and dig for more information vs just talk shit and claim opinions to be fact some how. People like you are toxic for society. Stop being so full of yourself. You wouldn't be here on reddit commenting about a video on YouTube if it didn't make you question reality. You're here just like the rest of us because this video is so crazy. Now stfu and admit it.

  14. Just google "mei and the kittenbus" and the first result is a dailymotion video link.

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