1. DM’d you, I don’t think I can post discords in this sub

  2. Some swim and some don’t, I use pawmo for water outbreaks because it will swim and is typically super effective. Other Pokémon swim as well and Gholdengo even surfs

  3. Depends on the type of the Pokémon, you can use it to give stab to moves that normally aren’t but it doesn’t make it magically compatible with new moves except Tera blast

  4. It does this for the box legendaries too lol

  5. I have this exact set in my room still

  6. I thought this was going to be lipstick

  7. it counts another battle when you evolve a shiny. kinda annoying imo

  8. But it doesn’t count as another if you catch more than one of the same shiny. I caught four shiny scream tails that all counted as one

  9. Didn’t evolve it. It’s in a box sitting

  10. Shiny forms you encounter show in the dex. You can see what it was that way

  11. That’s awesome! I caught my first shiny glimmet in a beast ball and my second in a moon ball

  12. I think people don’t like quaxlys final evo as much. I know I don’t

  13. Same. The final gym leader I faced had level 20 Pokémon 🥴

  14. I thought that was me for a second.. my characters name is Willow as well.

  15. I keep running into other willows in raids too

  16. Nah, hes a regular one. Haven't seen a shiny yet in game..atleast I dont think I have..

  17. Are the 999 coins consumed after you evolve one ?

  18. Thankfully not. An army of string cheese men is within my grasp

  19. Oh. We can’t masuda it? I know its locked in the overworld

  20. 🙋‍♀️ Love this gen cause it’s the last time you could get the full national dex

  21. You can encounter dudunsparce in the bottom of the caldera

  22. Lol I loved standing in the finizen outbreak and just having a circle of curious little dolphins around me

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