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  1. Those aren’t leopards- they’re cougars and he’s about to have a great time 😏

  2. I fast for 2 days at the end and start of every new month. It used to be hard and sucked, but now I always look forward to it. It’s honestly the most productive 2 I have lol. (Never realized how much time and energy I put into eating). I feel focused and just hella motivated. It’s hard, it’s a discipline, but I recommend everyone try it for at least a day.

  3. Is that 4 days total, 2 days at the end of a month and 2 days at the beginning of the next? Or 1 day at the end and 1 at the beginning totalling 2 days?

  4. Just the 2 days. I don’t have the patience nor the will to do 4 lol. So the last day of the month, then the following day into next month. If it’s holiday, like New Years, i start it later.

  5. What does this mean? He was in a relationship with a 6’1 dude and got played or… idk

  6. 5k… is not everyone. I know you’re not THAT dumb. 5k internet trolls mean nothing to me

  7. Earlier today I learned that female dogs “judge” you after making an error or acting in an incompetent way. You can’t even act a fool at home now without you dog getting the ick

  8. Looks like people don’t care. Men included. This a normal mall setting now lol

  9. This is how you make new gym friends and groups tho. The ones that survive and make it into shred season become local gym gods.

  10. You should be recording all trades. Now if you’re not following your plan and entering on whims then your not testing you edge in a controlled manner. You have to be disciplined to follow your rules, having a define entry,exit, stop, and take profit. Only then will you notice where you can improve on.

  11. Pick one and stick to it. Follow the overall trend(remember to follow the big money, your contributions don’t move the market). The only indicators that are valid are the PRICE ACTION and volume, anything else is a lagging supplementary hint. SUPPLY AND DEMAND are you best friends. Look into the strat, it’s three-bar plays that work objectively in a market.

  12. Yeah everytime i try to do these types of things it just seems to lead to failure.

  13. Screen time is honestly gonna be your best bet. Even if your not trading. Show up and apply your rules, theory and all the stuff you’ve learned only get you so far if you can’t apply it

  14. Are we sure they're a family and not a gang out looking for trouble?

  15. They do be looking like they’re up to no good… I guess just cross the street when you see them

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