1. The 4090 is flawed, it makes fake frames to consume the screen and we get this nice amazing high fps counter but in reality ur CPU is like what the heck are these and it stutters as the real regular not fabricated frames catch up.

  2. Hey all! This is my first loop and my gpu block won’t be here for another week. I already leak tested with air, and now I’m running some loop prep. I won’t have my biocide and corrosion inhibitor untill Tuesday and I’m getting very impatient. I decided to just air cool my gpu untill the block comes in. Would it hurt my loop if I run distilled water for a couple days with no additives?

  3. I made a loop and mixed metals copper/aluminum heatsinks and my gpu block corroded and I wasted nights and brainpower trying to get things working after work.

  4. No clue but I didn't want to bother figuring out the cause and troubleshooting. Either it's CPU bottle neck which causes issues when it's catching up to the gpu BUT in that case why doesn't the gpu run lower to compensate?

  5. I went from 3090 to a 4090 and every game ran like utter crap afterwards. Fortnite, warzone , pub g , and even dota 2. Returned and sticking with a 3090 for now not sure what the issue is but I'm lazy and don't have the time to analyze.

  6. Prb the 4090, try a 3090 and do a DDU reinstall and see if you get better results. For some reason my 4090 made everygame play like utter crap. I returned and will wait till next NEXT gen

  7. I haven't lost one game to her yet, thank goodness no one on my team has picked

  8. Bring Kratos Into the game , make him op and never balance him - he's the hero we need

  9. Thanks mate. Think I need to upgrade my cpu, currently on 10850K and it suffers from fps drops and stutter with those settings with a 4090. Please can you check something out in cyberpunk for me, what’s your fps like in the food market area next to where the joy toys are? Pretty sure that’s one of the most demanding areas in the game. Gonna wait for the 13700k reviews and see what’s what :)

  10. It's the card my 13900k apparently was having horrible stutters and bad frame times on games my 3090 handled fine so I returned and will stick to what works for now

  11. Everyone is just in love with the 4090 but play a game where frame time matters and you're not fighting npcs. Warzone had terrible performance w the 4090 -- high frame time Ms stutters - Fortnite the same thing with 1% lows in the 80 range so if you go from 240fps to 65-80 you feel it.

  12. I’m probably going to get downvoted and argued with to hell and back for saying this, but the term “bottleneck” gets thrown around way too much to the point that I question if people know what a real bottleneck even is. There’s a difference between being limited by component X vs having a bottleneck. Being limited means performance isn’t at the highest possible, having a true bottleneck would mean (for example) that a 2080 and a 4090 will have little-to-no performance differences on average in games. Yes, having the fastest CPU possible will “unlock” more performance with a 4090, but if you’re still seeing a 50-90% performance difference with a “lower” CPU vs, let’s say a 3090, then is it really an issue?

  13. I'm just wondering why my 4090 was stuttering so much. As in frametime spikes and such.

  14. I gave my card back, the 3090 was a sign of things to come. The foundation of these cards are flawed somewhere along the way they pushed to get MAX and mooor Fps at the cost of stability and quickness. I want my games to feel snappy and smooth not sluggish like my mouse has glue under it.

  15. Stick with 3090. 4090 seems like a letdown honestly -- I don't know why but the frame time is horrendous and getting these spikes that I couldn't fix.

  16. At first I thought oh well it's okay I can look past it and I don't want to be mean cause she seems like a nice and likeable person but she does not look the part

  17. I had the same issues with the I226-V on Z790, random disconnects for a few seconds. I tried all advice in this and other forums but the issue persisted. I have made the following changes to the NIC settings (Windows 11) and I have not experienced the problem for over 24 hours. I'm not sure if I've cured it, but I'm monitoring the Event Viewer (EID 27,32) and it seems to have stopped for me. I'd be interested to know if this works for others. The settings I'm using are:

  18. Well I originally fixed this issue when first installing my pc Mag z790 ddr4. Long story short I had to reformat because I clicked on a exe file which hijacked my pc and I couldnt get the damn thing to work properly again.

  19. I ended up buying a separate router and it fixed the problem after replacing the board two times.

  20. I'm in the same damn boat. I fixed the issue (God knows how) By downloading several drivers updating, installing changing duplex speeds bla bla and it seemed to work fine. I REFORMMATED because I OPENED AN EXE FILE IN HASTE and got some damn virus. Anyways now it's doing the same thing and I cannot fix. So you're saying its a router issue, I'm honestly thinkign about changing but if it's not the issue gonna be abummer.

  21. Got similar issue with that board on Win10. driver v1.1.3.28.

  22. I kind of found a workaround and it seems to be working> I've had one drop from a game - but it could have been the game who knows.

  23. Tried this. Nothing helps. I still get random speed slowdown. This is most evident in uTorrent. With i226 I cannot get more than 11Mbytes/sec. But after I disable i226 and switch to AX WiFi I get 30-50Mbytes/sec downloading same file.

  24. I hope that solves your issues, I am getting occasional disconnects in dota 2 which weren't happening on my old build once every 10-15 games I'd say l but if it gets worse I may have to get a card as well

  25. I have a North Face for must be 17 years and I bought a new one to replace and it's much shorter in length! About an inch at least so I will be returning and patching up my original and adding a feather or two

  26. My sharing screen was causing stutters because of a internet problem (losing packets) but I do have an issue with the frame time spikes, so you put in launch options 8 threads? It's not as bad as your spikes but still annoying

  27. Can you try to share your screen and see if it occurs? By sharing I mean have a friend request to watch and see if it happens. When I play everythign is smooth and well but I allowed a friend to watch and had to quickly stop the screen share when I never had a problem with my old cpu (10900k)

  28. Mine was throttling default settings with and 360 aio and i got 38500 points in R23

  29. How the heck do I undervolt? I'm seeing adaptive offset. offset, a bunch of options and I am clueless. I did some stuff Added a - offset of like 00.10 and pc is running no freezes all good but only 35860 on cinebench multi.

  30. Question, why didn't he shut it off? Was there any way he could survive at that point say without an arm? I didn't know what machine it was at first I thought he would go underneath and come out other side, nothing like this 🙁

  31. Do you have any recommendations? I ran into another issue over here I can't play sound from speakers/headphones front port at the same time . And this MSI realtek console is not giving me the option where previous versions have

  32. Green jack in L-out, orange jack in cs-out, black jack in rs-out.

  33. CHANGE HIS DAMN MAGNETIC field on buildings. Give Rapier warden Back I really dont care but the fact that his magnetic field is 100% evasion on buildings is unacceptable.

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