1. Have you looked at their debt since aa took over? It’s almost tripled. There is pretty much no way he saves this company and logical people see this. In 2 years he’s managed to pay 100 million out of their total debt which by the way is 11 billion in total debt. They have not been profitable for at least a decade. Lazier younger people prefer streaming and with so many platforms they are take a huge slice of the pie. At the end of the day most of here we’re here for the squeeze, not to bail out a loosing company. Go read their financials. They are basically done. Maybe they drag it out a couple more years buts it’s a dead fish. I really feel like these stupid articles claiming they will raise 22 billion at current price are just a tactic to keep people from dropping out. They will never raise that much and I’ll bet after the rs you will see many fleeing. Antara will be the first to dump their shares and recoup their money. Then the shorting will start all over on a clean cusip.

  2. Anyone who’s read the thread is informed of how I believe THE PRODUCT of the R/S, and our ability to raise 5 billion and crush debt by issuing 100m shares at R/S price point of estimated $50 per share is going to pay off the debt. This is how responsible dilution works, so he doesn’t turn our float into multiple billions trying to dilute at this awful, shorted price point 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. They have 5 billion in short term debt and 11 billion in total debt

  4. Amc cannot get debt free. They need 11 billion dollars. They operate at a net negative. Most here don’t or can’t read and understand financial statements. They literally don’t have enough money to get through q3 2023 if they don’t find a miracle.

  5. Thinking you are sacrificing any money in a reverse split means you have no idea how a reverse split works and what it means to do a reverse split on a heavily shorted stock with outrageous ftds the reverse split is merely enabl8ng the moass to occur they have to buy the same exact amount of covers as before only now on a smaller float stock meaning the moass will reach higher per share than it already would have you will make the exact same amount in total because the number of locates the shorts need does not change

  6. Your missing the point. Many have been lead to believe these shares could squeeze into the thousands of dollars level so they loaded up. Now it’s being cut down. So for their dream to happen prices would have to be rediculous. Facts are this will never squeeze into the 10000 per share. If I’m a hedge fund about to loose hundreds of billions, I just buy amc company along with their debt and close the doors and file bankruptcy. And yea pretty sure if you have 15 billion amc is for sale. Secondly any un closed shorts do not follow the new cusip. There have been many post with this information and links confirming it. So shf get a reset. Adam Aron takes back voter control and dilutes at higher prices to raise money and you get screwed out of your squeeze. Literally all this is public info and people get called shill for saying it. Amc is a failing business and have not had positive revenue for years. Their debt has almost tripled with Adam Aron in charge. This play is over after the merger so remind yourself to come back after the rs/conversion when some retail start selling and antara sells everything they have and amc stock sinks to nothing. In 5 years they will be bankrupt. They don’t have enough money to make it through q3 as of now. I wish you luck genuinely but it’s dead

  7. I’ve already blown my wad and bought at what appears to be an outrageous price at pre ape $38 for 1 k shares. I’m only holding!

  8. Then buy 10,000 ape and lower your average. After rs you will be much lower dca

  9. I’ll die holding AMC I‘ll keep at least 100 shares to my grave.

  10. Unless they go bankrupt and then you hold nothing lol js

  11. Sorry on paper it’s not fake. You can’t hate on people with significant money in this that are down 75%

  12. He's just one of many. I believe the thesis whether he helps or not. I don't think he'll do anything major against us, who in their right mind would put a target on their back from a huge group of angry anonymous people from all over the world rather than retire peacefully as a multi millionaire

  13. So you don’t feel like the short thesis will be dead in the water when the merger happens? Some might cover some shares while they can but once it’s affective end and it’s under the new cussip it will just be a giant reset for them to start shorting all over again shorts don’t follow the new cusip it’s effectively a new stock same ticker

  14. Yes he did. And for what? AMC is sitting on a pile of cash way larger than what they raised by doing that. So what was the real reason?

  15. They are literally not sitting on a pile of cash. I hear this all the time they are running out of money quicker than they are making money and that’s why they want to do the merger.

  16. How about the float is too big for a short squeeze arguement the last 2 years and the float is now being reduced and that's not important now either 😂

  17. New cusip will be a giant reset for shorts. They will just start all over again. Shorts don’t follow new cusip. When your granted your new reduced number of shares, the shorts on the old cusip will disappear. Same as if they filed bankruptcy. Shorts would walk away smiling

  18. Facts. Despite that, if anyone wants to say he doesn’t care about this situation….they simply haven’t been paying attention

  19. If you go back to when Adam Aron came on board and look how their debt has grown you wouldn’t think he was good at his job. The debt has close to tripled. Check his January sec filings. Yes he’s holding over a million shares but he sold 250k shares and nobody’s talking about it but it’s all there in black and white. The biggest point the people are missing is that we are here for a squeeze. Most don’t really care about the business. Most of us know they can’t claw their way out the their debt and streaming has taken a substantial amount of money out of their pipeline. If more retail would take the time to go find information about the company they would see things a lot differently. Reddit is not a good source for information generally because it’s all trust me bro bullshit and two sides banging on their chest for dominance.

  20. So many words and saying nothing. That's great.

  21. Yep they can sit on someone’s books for infinity. Shorts don’t follow new cusip

  22. Yeah improving the financial well being of the company is not doing something about the shorting? People like you that drag down the entire sub

  23. It’s like you forget why retail is here! They came for a squeeze not to save amc. It will take a decade of positive revenue for them to get their debt under control. Maybe you’re not aware that they were actually going to file bankruptcy before retail came in you cannot blame Covid or any of that because it was it was long before that. But go ahead and let him keep diluting so the squeeze never happens. Go ahead bail them out of bad business decisions that’s what we should do.

  24. I’m don’t tip at Starbucks …. They don’t work for tips

  25. They were literally talking bankruptcy then. Retail definitely dug deep and saved this company

  26. Not true. Theaters are lacking volume of theatrical releases. So if streamers release in theater it brings in patrons. How you don’t recognize that is sus. Clearly good for AMC.

  27. But it’s one show they landed. While I agree more is better. It’s still not scratching the surface

  28. Lmao AA is one of the biggest amc share holders there is, he addressed that on twitter. Byebye lil shill, I bought another 50 shares this morning xoxo ❤️

  29. While this is true… if you check the sec filings he sold 250k shares and still holds over a million. But he didn’t mention that.

  30. GME doesn't have their entire float locked up. They haven't been beaten down as low as we have though. I think when they get to 70-80% of float locked up, then the brokers will have issues finding their shares, and that will be when thenmusic stops.

  31. Gme is also not broke. If they had half of amc debt they would be trading at sub 5$

  32. They hired some former fbi agent to investigate naked shorting. I bet this runs a little

  33. Is he missing 1300 or 1400 because he said both

  34. Like I said the filings don’t lie simple Google search. Enjoy your bag.

  35. Ah so you are here shilling. You know, no other holder calls anyone else a bagholder. Only someone with an agenda. As I said, you need to up your game, you're too easy to spot.

  36. I don’t have a game. But blindly following “Reddit” will cost you big. Your level of critical thinking has to be low.

  37. Why is AMC so much higher than GME if They DRS more than us? Seems off.

  38. I would assume it’s getting riskier to borrow out shares that are about to change cusip?

  39. Check fintel. Fidelity holds some short positions on amc

  40. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten…..I say trust the man with a plan.

  41. Well you have to go back to his beginning at amc. Go back and look at their debt in 2015 Go look at the share count and price over their best years And then look at what happened It’s all public information. Their debt has almost tripled since he’s been here. They were 100% going to file bankruptcy and talked about it in 2019. Then retail bailed them out in the beginning of 2020 And he continues to bleed retail for everything we’re worth. This yes vote will reduce the float and give amc voting control if they get all they ask for. You won’t have another say after this vote goes through. And your money will be gone.

  42. Going by his past actions, he actually sells around 30 or 40.

  43. As of last week no I do not. I was probably in this play long before most but when I read information like this after his tweets, it makes me glad I’m gone. I hope everybody else wakes up. It’s not a silly thing when there’s actual information go look at all their filings, all their 8k quite a few of the board was selling at the end of last year and this deal they just made actually went into play in September. I base my opinions on real information not on stuff that I read here. That’s why I gave you a link while you’re there go look at all of the filings read them, Adam Aaron told you himself he’s been the CEO for the last seven years. Go look at where the stock was trading seven years ago with a 50 million share float. Go look at where their debt was seven years ago and look at where it’s at now and ask yourself is he doing a good job their debts almost tripled. Their share price at its peak was $35 and some change, and then he came in to play all the information is there in black-and-white all you have to do is go look at it don’t listen to people speculation on Reddit

  44. The opposite might be true. Some of us are glad to still be here, holding fast to what we said, “we are never leaving”, to me that’s more important than my feelings, sticking by my word. What value does a man have if his word is no good.

  45. Actually, yes in the beginning I invested a large amount of money in this way back in December 2019. We believe this was going to be a game stop type short squeeze. I definitely would have made a couple of million dollars at one point my account was over $1 million when AMC was sitting at 72 bucks, but I believed it would go back up before the dilution started. I truly believe that they are shorting the life out of this under the table and then along came ape I knew I was getting out that I sold by ape on day number two after its release and spent those proceeds on AMC because I still thought it may for some kind of squeeze. I was never one thinking that this thing would run into the thousand but several hundreds. Yes now I don’t see it at all, but I also wasn’t looking at all of the information, now I do know good for you that you feel like you’re going to see this thing through but the game has changed Adam Aaron personally has change this game. It’s it’s not the same thing that we started with. I was able to get out and still made quite a bit of money, my main reason for still talking at all is to try to get people to look at what’s out there. Most people aren’t looking for information they come to Reddit they read the part of the sensationalism and you can’t change their mind so now I just try to post actual information all information that you can go see for yourself. If you still think it’s going to squeeze. Good luck to you in five years they will be bankrupt or less they were already talking bankruptcy in 2019 and then retail save them in 2020 like I said I mean you said it yourself you said you’ve seen the numbers this company has went downhill since Adam Aaron has been involved and it was before Covid so he can’t use Covid as a crutch, I genuinely wish you luck but all of the changes he’s making in the current stock price says this thing is going to zero.

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