1. I have bad thoughts that only a bad person would think and I tell myself I am a monster. I never acted on the thoughts, but just thinking them is bad enough to label myself.

  2. Long winded tales, get to the point please. I lose interest and focus so easy, I will forget what you said if your explanation is too long.

  3. I have but I was a child and dont remember their names. My parents were civil right lawyers in DC in the 60s. We had people at our house all the time. The KKK attacked us on a monthly basis because of it. There were many people, so I am sure there were leaders. It was so important in the 60s, and so much to do, so much to fight for.

  4. There was no going back after that, I doubt they would ever be rehabilitated.

  5. I agree and its gotten worse since. Horrible people are now in high positions and hate is now normal.

  6. I'm chatting with someone now and of courses they are just offering a refund

  7. Charlie says Love my Good and Plenty Charlie says Really rings my bell Charlie says Don’t know any other candy that I love so well

  8. My ex grew up poor and it broke my heart when he would casually talk about no indoor plumbing and bathing in the creek. Using a coffee can to hold a small fire to heat his tiny house. How his whole family would travel in a pop up trailer to move for seasonal work.

  9. That's Ronald McWeevil in Enterprise Alabama. He had made his rounds in Reddit before.

  10. It was a great upset, when he crossed over from pop to the rock scene. Up until then I would have never thought I would listen to his music. Seems like over 40 years though, maybe it was his earlier album, like 42 years ago.

  11. High school sweety, I still love him to death. I haven't seen him in 35 years, but before that I would visit with him every time I was in my hometown.

  12. Adopting animals is like buying a used car without Carfax.

  13. That could be true, you never know. Ive never went into a shelter to get a dog, but I have had dogs my whole life. They all seemed to find me, and just fit right into the family. Dogs that followed me home as a child, or dogs that have been dropped off on a country road, and this last one, we actually saw the car pull away and they just left the

  14. I make this often, probably not the original recipe but still call it SOS

  15. She likely thought she was sending a text message, or that it was a private conversation, and it also looks like she was using speech-to-text on her phone to just transcribe all the mumbled stream of consciousness gobbledygook without bothering to proofread or edit it. You know -- typical old people technology things.

  16. Nope, I'm old, my families feed is much like this, very long and telling of everything.

  17. Oh yeah! I had one tooth that stuck out and finally had it removed and fillers put in its place. So more confident to smile.

  18. Its not a specific age that I feel. It's more my maturity level, I have always been immature or I have been told I have a youthful spirit.

  19. The genius is in the simplicity. I always wondered how vets dealt with psychotic, flailing furballs of rage.

  20. We take strays in to get fixed, our vet uses a fishing net, then grabs them up like a football and pokes them.

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