Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Musk.

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  1. Rustoleum is fine especially for a beginner. Dont waste your money.

  2. Boo hoo dude, this game is not supposed to fulfill your entire life. Get another hobby.

  3. So weird, I was just thinking about that account. Keep it up Mr. Dragon!

  4. That Archaon model probably accounts for 50% of my interest in this hobby as a young lad. I would absolutely love the chance to own and paint this big boy!

  5. Same! I am starting a slaves to darkness army and the new AoS Archon model is just very daunting. I like the classic lil guy on the horse.

  6. I was also haveing trouble with all of my chromecasts using the rented Connexion router, its better once I got my own wifi access point.

  7. Get a cheap sheet pan and try roasting vegetables and other stuff in the oven

  8. I thought the album was decent, but I'm glad the electronic/synth work has persisted into their new stuff. It's just another tool in their belt.

  9. Short question: I am designing an encounter I think I need to homebrew. TLDR is a small, tiny dragon [or etc] whose whole deal is their "hoard" is copper coins / lost copper. All they care about is copper, which comes into the gather of "lost coins" that nobody else seems to care about / other dragons ignore.

  10. There's not going to be a single statblock that goes through such a dramatic transformation.

  11. Ah, ok. Yeah, seems the simplist path. I just didn't want to catch flack for deviating so much from Dragon "canon" but the more I fall in love with this idea the more I think I need to accept a homebrew or reskin. I just wasn't sure if there was a satalite monster / encounter concept I am overlooking because it isn't straight up "dragon / lizard esque". But thanks, I will look at some dragons again and see what I can reskin to make work.

  12. I just don't understand what he's doing. He's just going to alienate advertisers. They want consistency and sanity coming from the people overseeing social media. He's just been seeming a bit crazy. Like he's soon going to go full Kayne.

  13. Unfortunately there are always going to be advertisers who don't care.

  14. Nasty skulkers. First times I sent them straight up against stunties and they did not come out well.

  15. Just remember your players will be happy to be there at all! It's your game and you will do great.

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