1. I take Concerta and had the exact same fear, I have anxiety and even caffeine would have me bordering a panic attack. Turns out Concerta lessened my anxiety! Since I could focus on one thing at a time, I wasn’t thinking a mile a minute and overwhelming myself into panic mode lol. Haven’t had a panic attack since I started taking it tbh ☺️

  2. I’ve never worked at the Red Cross specifically but I have worked at a community blood bank in there reference laboratory. Compared to a hospital blood bank there is much less urgency. You don’t have any patients that you are actively dealing with (figuratively, you most definitely have patients just no trauma, surgeries, or MTPs). Additionally, most of the people you will ever communicate with will be techs at various hospitals and rarely doctors or nurses. One thing to note, at my IRL we had several clients and it was constantly being pushed for us to take on more so the workload got progressively more and more. It was very interesting however you get to deal with the most complex and rare cases which is fascinating and nerve wracking to a degree knowing you can’t just “send it out” because you’re who they sent it out to. Ultimately it wasn’t an environment for me and ymmv, but I missed the feeling of being a part of the healthcare team and the idea of “anything for the patient” rather then “we need to keep pushing these extra clients for more contracts so do their testing first.”

  3. Thank you! How would you say the pay/benefits compare to a hospital BB? Also, my personality is very detail oriented. I like to take my time and do things right and get deep into my work. I hate being rushed. That’s why I really want to leave the hospital. Does this personality sound like a good fit for this environment (or at least better than a hospital).

  4. The pay is definitely more from what I saw in my area a blood bank tech on average made $25-28/hr dependent on experience, and hospital system. At the reference lab the pay was $32/hr. Be detail oriented was very key because the different regulations we had to follow as an IRL however there was a bit of pressure to get certain client testing done in a ‘timely’ manner. But this was never patient work up. These were mainly Rh Titer testing for plasma centers. And things along that line.

  5. I have ADHD and it's very easy to get distracted, so here's some tips I use to keep on task!

  6. Blood Bank Guy - he’s got youtube videos, a helpful website, and a podcast for whichever way works best for you

  7. Thank you! Do you think it’s enough? This is a level one trauma blood bank. They do a wide range of testing, many of which I’ve never done in the clinical lab.

  8. He covers the vast majority of the testing we do at my particular level one trauma center, and most of blood bank testing is applying the same principles to slightly different scenarios. Your new lab will train you on anything extra you’ll need to know, especially with the knowledge that this is the most blood banking you’ve done in years.

  9. I don't think there's enough context here? If you're a good tech, boss & coworkers should like working with you well enough. Unless someone is rude or incompetent

  10. I guess my question is what are the qualities of a good tech? Are there any high yield things I can do to really make a good impression? Also, are there any things I should avoid doing to not look bad and get on the boss/coworkers bad sides.

  11. Thanks for your response. I do focused attention meditation. Perhaps doing open monitoring would make it easier to not get so OCD about this one singular focus point and instead open to any sensations arising?

  12. What is meditation like for you? What is your quality of mind in meditation? Do thoughts appear and you turn away from them, ignore them, suppress them, control them, or attempt to end them in order to have a quiet mind?

  13. Thanks for your helpful response. I do try to remain non-judgements but now that you mention it perhaps I’m striving too much to achieve a certain mental state rather than simply being present and observing whatever actually IS there and accepting it. Something to work on!

  14. Things I’ve read that can help reduce BP: at least 30 minutes of cardio per day; drink enough water to have light yellow urine; don’t smoke anything; no stimulants, including caffeine; reduce/eliminate alcohol; reduce/eliminate simple sugars; reduce carbohydrates; drink beet juice and hibiscus tea; have 2 Tablespoons of ground flaxseed per day; lose weight if you’re overweight.

  15. You’re an idiot. Sorry, but you just are. Stop giving people advice over the internet. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  16. This is illegal in the state I work in. Not sure what state you live in but I’d check your state laws regarding mandatory overtime for healthcare workers.

  17. I totally understand! I sometimes struggle with this, but here's my strategy for prioritizing:

  18. I haven’t gotten good grades by memorizing. I understand how to apply the concepts of MLS very well. The issue is with managing a large work load in a fast paced environment.

  19. Yes. I got a single piece of laminated paper and a marker.

  20. Oh that’s a bummer. I was hoping to copy down all my micro flow charts 😞

  21. I was able to write down flow charts. If I recall, the marker is fine tipped and the piece of dry erase board they give you is a pretty good size.

  22. So in this case I should ditch writing completely and only rely on abstract recalling of information Anki and what not?

  23. Yes, the only time you should be writing is to recall something. That can by answering questions, it can be drawing pictures or flow charts, or it could even be just saying the answer out loud without looking at anything.

  24. No problem, feel free to ask more questions if your unsure of anything.

  25. Get some sleep. You won’t retain anything if you’re that tired and the sleep will allow your brain to function better on the test. It’s a no brainer. Get some sleep!

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