Russia thinks West will "get over" Ukraine war, calls response "hysteria"

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  1. Meditation has helped me tremendously with my obtrusive thoughts. I use Insight Timer app. There’s nice free guided meditations to listen to.

  2. Yes, I have experienced extreme paranoia with thoughts that most would consider legitimately crazy. Speak to a doc to make sure, but pmdd can have schizo-esque symptoms.

  3. Thankfully, my regular doctor also specializes in women’s disorders, so she will hopefully be able to point me in the right direction.

  4. Soos from Gravity Falls. He’s a sweetheart, and according to canon, literally the world’s most perfect man.

  5. DUDE, I’ve had the same thing! Not sleeping at all, and when I start feeling sleepy, my body will jerk itself awake with heart palpitations and the feeling that something bad will happen if I fall asleep. Haven’t found any solutions yet, but I’ll let you know!

  6. Dang, I’d almost succeeded in forgetting all about this movie.

  7. The shapeshifter. So creepy and sinister and manipulative. Plus the fact that he was voiced by Mark Hamill is the icing on the cake.

  8. Yes. I’ve noticed that in the week leading up to my period, I start having paranoid, delusional thoughts, even thinking that people are planning on hurting me. I don’t know where these thoughts come from, but there’s definitely a correlation between them and my cycle.

  9. When I was in Kauai, we didn’t eat out much; we just got food at the store and made our own meals. BUT, we did get poke at this little place called Sushi Girl. They were way the heck out past Hanalei, but they apparently moved to a new location in Kilauea. Their sushi and poke is INSANE.

  10. Stop trying to make wizard happen, Din! It’s not going to happen!

  11. I’m not crying, my helmet just has condensation… on the inside.

  12. There's just a little dust in my eye, that's from the path that you made when you said your goodbye

  13. I’ll never get over the fact that Clancy Brown is Mister Krabs.

  14. Yikes! I was going to say it’s probably because of the prostaglandins that can cause constipation, but that sounds extreme. It sounds… kind of like what happens to me sometimes, actually. I’m pretty sure I have endometriosis (not officially diagnosed because it would require laparoscopic surgery to tell me what I already know), and it makes going to the bathroom really painful. It’s possible it could be endo; especially if it’s in the bowels. It’s more common than most people would think.

  15. I was exaggerating a bit, but it’s still definitely painful. It usually only happens when I’m constipated and occasionally the cramps are really bad to the point where I can’t move. It makes pooping feel like a workout!

  16. Exercise and orgasms. Get those muscles squeezing out the lining

  17. You know… stress and jogging. Like impact on the body has made mine come later or early but usually it’s got it’s own mind

  18. Stress actually makes mine come later, so I’m trying to avoid that.

  19. What I really love about supposed "problematic" ships is that these same people constantly turn around and cause harm to real victims of actual crimes because of their vent fics, sometimes even driving them to suicide. They don't actually care, they just want to feel superior to the dirty, dirty "problematic" shippers. And most of them haven't even experienced any of these "problematic" things. People who have consistently say that it's okay to write about them, but surprise, their opinions get thrown in the trash and then they accuse victims of committing the horrible crimes that they, themselves, have experienced. It's honestly disgusting and I genuinely hate these people.

  20. Because they don’t see the people they harass online as real human beings. The empathy they pretend to have while screaming about human rights and social justice is actually nonexistent.

  21. LOL The couple in my current longfic are 36 and 60, and I’ve still gotten shit about it.

  22. He is extremely good, the way his voice softens with Grogu, then shifts to harden hunter is incredible.

  23. When he’s standing next to Ahsoka, and he sees Grogu on the hill with Luke, and he’s like, “But I came all this way… He’s right there…” He conveys more with his voice than a lot of actors do with their whole bodies.

  24. Trying not to be all nosey, but is ninety pounds a normal, healthy weight for you? Because being underweight can cause irregular periods. Or if you’ve been stressing a lot about something lately, that can cause it to be late, too.

  25. Seems like I produce more methane than half the cows in Wisconsin.

  26. How much do you want to punch this guy right in the face

  27. Someone in another thread said his face looked like “a dropped meat pie”, and I thought it was both poetically descriptive and startlingly apt.

  28. he looks like Droopy the dog from Hannah Barbera shows

  29. Also a melted waxwork statue of Toby Flenderson from The Office.

  30. honestly, I need what he's on. how can someone be this deluded?

  31. I genuinely believe he’s a psychopath. People with his disorder can convince themselves they’re justified, no matter how many atrocities they commit.

  32. My favorite part of this whole saga is that this one private citizen owned a construction company. He decided to buy his own land along the border and build his own wall as a prototype to sell to the government. He spent like $20 million to build maybe 3 to 4 miles worth of his own wall. About a year ago he did an interview where he expected to get more money from Bannon since he joined forces with him to help build this wall. He was also trying to sell the wall to the Federal government as well and they weren't buying it. His company was also one of the private contractors hired to build the actual wall but the contracts were all put on hold when Biden took over. He is currently out like $14 or $16 million dollars.

  33. But at least he owned the libs and stopped the illegals!

  34. Omg correct, I was drunk when I wrote that

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