1. Cuz Ukraine is not nor was it at the time of invasion a member of NATO. NATO is a defensive alliance. If you don’t attack a member of NATO, NATO doesn’t activate War Mode

  2. NATO and other western countries want rest of the world to support their prerogative. NATO should have been disbanded decades ago. US spends 800 billion USD on its defense...why?

  3. Guess Ukraine wasn’t part of nato huh?

  4. It’s not a feel good movie. No

  5. You’re not over reacting. But nobody seems to care and they call it normal development. If my kid was older I wouldn’t care as much, but it’s hard to know my baby or young toddler was attacked. But talk with the director at the daycare. What’s the policy toward biters?

  6. I don’t understand. No deadline? Until when? Is there no future hearing date scheduled???

  7. This isn’t true at all though. Most of the officer corps in democratic and almost half of the enlisted are also democratic.

  8. Nobody wants to eat that shit. It’s like saying “why don’t you eat the skin of a banana or take cheese out of the wax wrapping

  9. Have you ever had home fries? Just clean the skin and you got yourself some fiber with your eggs.

  10. No, I don’t eat that shit. I don’t really eat potatoes. I’m not fucking Irish

  11. Well try just lonching the clian if that didn't help, when am home I can check for more ways to troubleshoot but now I can't think of anything else

  12. Ok. I uninstalled and then reinstalled. I verified the client through steam. I restarted my computer. I ran it though the client and not the launcher.

  13. Well that newer happened to my I can recommend another loncher but it's mostly moded servers Ather then that I can't think of

  14. The same thing is happening for all of my steam games

  15. Speak for yourself. My wife tells me I’m a prize all the time

  16. Nobody really plays the mods anymore. They don’t even play the Enoch one on arma 3.

  17. How da fuck do you think? In their ear canals silly

  18. I don’t understand how it’s a lack of education. Or how it’s a fear. They just don’t believe in the concept/ believe the concept is wrong.

  19. Here's the cool part about society. Them calling themselves by specific pronouns... doesn't affect you... so piss off and live your life while letting them live theirs

  20. ? It’s not a problem for me.

  21. Day care is expensive. There is only one within 15 miles of me that isn’t a home day care. It’s $444 a week. It’s more than the mortgage for my just built luxury house!

  22. That's approximately the cost of ours. We are lucky to be living in Canada, where a new grant was just implemented to reduce childcare costs dramatically. Were still paying double what home cares cost, but out jobs and lifestyle needs the stability of a center. I can work from home if he gets sick, but I cannot be constantly working from home when the provider is sick or wants to take vacation (which of course they should!) But my husband's work limits his ability to vacation to certain times of the year, so if we had to take time off when the provider goes on holidays, we would never get to have family vacations either.

  23. “Ooo, Look at me. I live in Canada where there is a safety net because our government cares about its citizens, unlike the USA where half the government only cares about making the rich richer”- You. That’s what you sound like right now

  24. It’s breaking the news so they are technically correct

  25. Only Livonia will be wiping and modded servers if they feel like it

  26. They made a new statement 2 or 3 days ago that they were going wipe characters and maps on all official servers and they recommended that all community servers do the same.

  27. Yeah. I’d initially heard the same as you and I logged in a few days ago and at the bottom left of the screen it has a message about the wipe. So I googled it to make sure and yep, full wipe

  28. That’s 14 years of banging the back out of dude’s mom

  29. It’s mostly a anti female and then a stronger anti black female thing

  30. The US also couldn’t push into north Vietnam out of fear of China doing what they did in the Korean War. It was a lost cause as soon as they said they could only defend the south

  31. Yeah, I mean, Vietnam isn’t easy to invade. It would have gone well for China. All the jungle doesn’t allow for the advantage of better training/equipment to be much of a factor when waves of Chinamen running to their deaths. It was effective enough in Korea. I remember reading stories and essentially they were so much common fodder americans just ran out of bullets

  32. Though, I actually don’t know what China would’ve done, as they did try to invade them and failed miserably when they did. It could’ve been possible they used it as an excuse to get troops in Vietnam then just not leave once the US pulled out.

  33. If us had invaded north Vietnam I imagine the Vietnam would have turned away from Russia and instead toward China

  34. Child support and move on with your life

  35. You have a base and a car, on official?!?!

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