1. Unfortunately the way the system currently works, it's basically impossible to bring about any positive change with initiatives. First of all, it's very hard for an initiative to succeed, because it needs both a majority of the votes and a majority of the cantons have to vote yes. Also, people have a tendency to vote no when in doubt. This is why two thirds to three fourths of all initiatives get rejected. Then the layout of the cantons, where there are tons of tiny cantons in the conservative mountain regions, means it's next to impossible for any progressive cause to get the approval of the majority of cantons. What is however very easy to achieve is a majority of cantons approving some conservative right wing and/or xenophobic initiative.

  2. Of course "Positive change" is always the subject of the viewpoint. Anyways, the way it works nowadays is indeed unsatisfying and a change in the setup of popular initiatives is necessary. My humble idea:

  3. I think results would be quite differently today! It's about time for a relaunch! :-)

  4. Oh well, even more Swiss tourists around my parasol? Nah....

  5. You can choose the cheap approach at any MrMinit nearby, but I think that will not save your Meindls long- or even mid-term.

  6. It is incredible to think that 80% of them would not make it without the help of the Sherpas, they are just people wanting to pretend to be something they are not.

  7. Someone should tell them that "climbing" Mt. Everest became unpopular long ago.

  8. Girl called a plumber for a broken sink in the kitchen. Plumber showed up 15 minutes later. Now try this in real life...

  9. Mh, does a bunch of successful video game wins where the "electrified puddles/waters" were prominent count as well?

  10. I think there are three individual breakers in the panel supplying those phases, but they are side by side.

  11. That's OK, an indication for a combined breaker would be a connecting bar over the three switch knobs.

  12. Hey, can you comment on that 653719000 you posted above? How is it typically wired? Just looking at it, it seems like there are two neutrals and two grounds? Am I looking at it wrong? How is it normally wired?

  13. The N and PE connectors run parallel (to branch cables if needed).

  14. Do you have anything valuable you may lend at a pawnbroker?

  15. Could be from a 1990s Sierra Online or LucasArts point and click adventure game, I like it!

  16. Given the excellent project planning, execution and risk management so far: It will be ready even in 2039.

  17. At least a hearty MEOWWWWWWWWW would have been nice...

  18. Swiss here. Rumors in my country are that it's trendy for rich Norwegians to move to Switzerland. No clue if this is real though...

  19. If your canton requires prepayment, it will ask to do so before the financial year ends, i.e. Dec 31st normally. How you prepay - one huge piece on Dec. 30st or smaller batches every month/quarter - doesn't matter.

  20. Indeed. But any info on the status of those broken parking meters?

  21. Did you look into IT Support / ServiceDesk opportunities?

  22. First, make sure your medicine is OTC (i.e. available without prescription) in France. If so, you can try to order but may risk a customs intervention upon shipping. If not, don't do it as the France online shop is suspicious. Go rather to a doc to get the prescription.

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