1. 100% Guards Guards! If you love that then read the rest of the Watch series and then read the books in whatever order you like (though I'd recommend the witches afterwards).

  2. I am aware but sometimes forget when playfighting with my wife how hard I can squeeze, and it will feel like hardly any effort to me but really hurt her.

  3. One of the vases in Tyrs collection showed the Parthenon being rebuilt

  4. Here's a rumour I just made up. But just take it with a grain of salt in case it doesn't come true lol. I would bet good money there will never be a Sekiro 2 as much as I'd love one.

  5. Just ask to see the manual handling risk assessment, explain you have damaged yourself lifting and moving loads and could you look at more appropriate ways of working as you build strength.

  6. Agreed, lot of folk giving OP shit for complaining about a manual labour job, but it sounds like no thought was given as to how to actually induct someone into a manual labour job, nor does it sound like any manual handling training was given.

  7. I had a similar experience, except it was the job offer I never got. Had an interview, heard nothing and assumed I didn’t get it. Phone call on Monday morning asking why I hadn’t turned up at work when I didn’t have even know I had a job.

  8. Did you explain and then just go in the next day?

  9. I mean, nothing. Because they literally do nothing. Or maybe we'll have a "Junior" situation on our hands. Only one way to find out OP...

  10. They have fantastic humour and characters and great early world building. Rincewind using a sock with rocks in it to be nameless terrors is just *chefs kiss* writing.

  11. Mines been doing this since launch and I just requested an RMA now before its too late.

  12. Mine seemed to get to a certain point and then just stop thankfully.

  13. I feel the opposite. I hate when people have bare feet in my house or when I can’t wear shoes at someone’s house. When I was a kid, my mom told me not to be barefoot at my cousins’ because he had athletes foot and I swear it gave me a weird complex about feet.

  14. Uh, well duh. Yeah don't wear shoes in other peoples houses but also don't go bare feet. Jeezo.

  15. Eeh in that case it would be fine to keep those shoes on. I think Bare feet in the house is generally worse than shoes (unless the shoes are wet/minging etc)

  16. What's crazy is how Devil Dino is really good and criminally under played in higher pool 3. The control variant with Daredevil, Xavier and Aero disrupts and vomits points.

  17. Go on...I have all those cards. I was thinking of building something with Aero and Fisk actually, that combo seems a bit broken?

  18. Can't get my head round it, maths not my strong point. Gave it a go but lost five in a row, wasn't lose so just swapped (not that I am faring much better with my next set tbf).

  19. I don't have the head for the maths but have won like 10 games in a row with the most idiot face on me where I'm like "ah shit, I should have done XX" and then after everything has moved and the numbers have gone up, I've won.... It's quite funny really.

  20. Woof, I’m at CL926 and let me tell you: it is a different animal up here.

  21. Annoying as hell though having to go up 12 collection levels per cache now, and then only to have some of them be fucking credits!

  22. I’m new to pool 3, cl 630 or so and I’ve been lucky that most of my caches have been cards. But my god, it’s maddening when you open one and get freakin credits. I think they’re changing it to give you tokens for the new token shop to buy cards, so that’s nice.

  23. They are yeah which is great because this current system is shite. Though then again, i am F2P so should i really be complaining?

  24. yeah, i generally wait to have negative and jane hoping i didn't draw key cards first like iron man, zola, mystique etc. if all goes well and I don't draw any of these using the turn draw, snap and go!

  25. Can i ask as well how you tend to play Zola? Will you build a lane of only good cards to drop him on so it doesn't matter what's he wrecks (i dont have him yet so it's a moot point really at the moment)

  26. imho zola in this deck allows literally strong plays with iron man, mystic (if you go to copy iron man) and the leader. if well managed it hurts even with white tiger!

  27. Mamma mia, excellent use of iron man. Cheers mate, lots to think about there!

  28. There is so many throwback moment/line moment in this game either to the 2018 or even to the Greek era..!

  29. My favourite callback line was Atreus saying "Don't be sorry father. Be better".

  30. Hah, looked like a smirk to me!

  31. Hah, that's one way to save painting the guys inside! Looks fantastic man.

  32. How feasible or likely is it though really? I get that it's going to be a small colony of astronauts like in the ISS< but is it easier to have them sitting on the moon rather than the ISS? Is it cheaper? Like, what is the endgame?

  33. Yeah I've set a rule for myself that if i lose twice in a row I'll stop for a few hours or I just play poorly and get even more annoyed.

  34. Huh. So there's this and the Starship Troopers Terran Command coming out soon. Did the licencing for games expire recently or something?

  35. Yes. There will 100% be a third game.

  36. I’m in a similar spot with armada. Oddly, buying vicariously fills the spot playing should take…

  37. To be fair, I did the same with the Arkham Horror LCG. I played it one time with a friend and 1 time on my own but still bought ever expansion for a long long time before I came ot my senses...

  38. Oh I bet they are (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  39. I just started reading Discworld after being introduced to the first several books on audiobook. I’m hooked and decided I wanted to read the series in print. I saw the new collector’s edition hardcovers and loved them, so I am buying them as I read them. It’s more expensive to do this way rather than buy the whole set at once of course, but it’s a nice strategy if, like me, you just don’t feel like shelling out hundreds all at once. Also a great excuse to re-read the series if you’re not currently reading anything.

  40. That's a good point actually, it's probably more sustainable to my pocket to do 1 or 2 a month!

  41. How did he though? I'm too dumb to figure it out (but wouldn't have assumed cheating!).

  42. Moon Girl on Kamar-Taj with a 2 card hand.

  43. Eyy there we go. Obvious now in hindsight! Cheers

  44. The new Cala homes at Cammo are just ridiculous! Like £400k+ for what is essentially a 3 bed flat. The actual houses are disgustingly priced! I get that Cammo is supposed to be a ‘nice bit’ but fuck it’s got a constantly busy main road (Maybury Road) and it’s in a flight path.. also, seems to often smell a bit unpleasant with the nearby fields and fertiliser etc

  45. It's insane to me to buy a £400k house there where ther eis currently no school or amenities and has a really busy flight path over it. The houses all look grim as well, there are so many interesing builds you could get for £400k in Edinburgh.

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