1. ask me stupid questions now, not later in your career.

  2. Alot of bums sleep in those seats all day. Not to mention piss and shit themselves in those seats. I work for septa thats how I know.

  3. you don't need to work for septa to know this

  4. having a receding hairline is completely normal. so is being totally bald lol. you look good man you don't HAVE to do anything right now

  5. there is someone out there that would 100% steal it. whether or not they pass your car at night and feel like doing it is completely up to chance. I personally would avoid it.

  6. I'd probably walk away at a brisk pace

  7. it's annoying but understandable. Chain of survival is an entirely rigid protocol according to AHA. 911/ALS always precedes CPR.

  8. ER tech in a level 1 trauma center is the best job possible for an EMT in my opinion, as long as your coworkers and ER culture are generally pretty cool. You can't beat the IV experience, trauma experience, and the pay is generally better. Plus it's great if you're gonna go back to school. You'll make solid connections with nurses, medics, doctors, NPs, PAs, etc etc. Just so much more to learn in the hospital.

  9. Just remember that you can't hurt them, they have already died. Don't be hard on yourself.

  10. so you're pushing to light infantry through the pikewall? I usually have them flank around the sides, is there an advantage to pushing through?

  11. Yes, having a unit to keep some space between an enemy and pikemen allows the pikemen to keep attacking unhindered. Mostly.

  12. further proof tow truck drivers are first responders

  13. i smoked it easy with two medium ships. it can only shoot one at a time. spread your ships out, let it destroy your ship and battle speed until you can board it. it has a small crew, with numbers you can overwhelm them and win.

  14. lmao no matter your political beliefs thats embarrassing

  15. love hasan, but this on the same thread as his hour-long hyperfocus rants about how the hate he gets is unwarranted is excessive. he's correct in his assessment but when you're the guy who talks about how people hate you, you become known as the guy people hate. he needs to stop feeding into this stuff.

  16. don't give them any attention. be incredibly boring to pick on. they're trying to show off to one another.

  17. heart attacks and auto accidents kill way more than fires. eat your vegetables and wear your fucking seatbelt.

  18. American flag neck gaiters always make me chuckle. especially when they're around the neck somewhere under the chins.

  19. I've actually never seen AI Epirus take Hellas in a campaign before. they usually get absolutely wiped by rome or the greeks

  20. His name is Trump. We miss him. Pretty sure he was involuntarily rescued...again.

  21. ....do you call him that because he lost in PA

  22. Fu wah mini market if you frequent West Philly

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