Now let me go back to playing Civ6 on my gtx 1650 and loving life

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  1. They have, the ones with the F do not but K just means Unlock for overclock. Check all cables and dont forget the PSU switch

  2. Uh thats a weird config, if you are using both at the same time on games that supports it with a program i sugest just using the 1660ti alone because in those tipes of config you actually lose performance because the lower end card is hitting 100% while the other is not. I read that you fix the fan problem with afterburner but is it really using the 1660 ti for the task you are doing?

  3. Go for the 3070 dual, is cheaper and better looking and even more performance depending of how hard they overclock it. The only big difference between the cards is that the 3070 SI has one 8-pin connector power connector while the Dual have two 8-pin connector.

  4. The OC in the tittle means is already factory overclocked not that is made specially for overclocking

  5. Yeah for the price i'll say is worth it for a entry level build

  6. Yes, is a normal 3070, go for it if you like it. Personally i like LEDs but this is also good.

  7. A bit overkill with 32gb ram if is just for gaming, the windows license i recommend going to other third party site where they will sell it for 10-15 dollars AND PLEASE DON'T BUY THE RTX 3060 8gb model search for the 12gb model instead

  8. Faulty motherboard or BIOS, it not possible to pass 100°C without the pc shutting down to protect the CPU and even if you forget to apply termal paste you will need some time for the CPU to hit 100°C because BIOS don't use a lot of power to display.

  9. It's a good deal if you don't plan to upgrade anything (except for the cpu). The cpu can be overclock, 16gb ddr3 is good enough and the r9 290 is like a gtx 1650, not so powerful but the entire pc cost just 10 dollars more than the 1650. Just slap a SSD in there and you are good to go.

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