1. If possible take the hose in with you to the autoshop, they will want the inside diameter and length

  2. I thought it was a garnish at first, but not sure now that i look at it more.

  3. That car is you and it holds value for your family if you pass on.

  4. Never use water for lithium fires, at that point its an accelerant 🔥🤘🏾

  5. After everything was moved out 🤣 bruh

  6. I highly doubt that knowing the average EvE player and occaisonal participation. Podion/Misaba ect probably just got a lot of new juicy ships to kill on failed extraction.

  7. These are the non average players👀 🤣

  8. Do You have any body work experience? If so yes if not then run. Whats your end goal as well? Tryna run it into the ground or race it or cruise it?

  9. Auto repair experience yes, body work no. Manual swap, freshen up the engine, maybe wheels and coils and call it a day was my thought process after finding out more about the rust. Seems like stock 240s are hard to find these days. The interior is in great shape, no cracks on the dash, missing pieces, leather seats aren’t ripped etc. i feel like that alone is worth saving. Definitely grabbing it tomorrow morning, worse case I’ll have a link for my part out ad lol

  10. The fact that you have an exit strategy and can deal with it makes it 100% a get, just because its hard to find like you said. For me its my dream car so that price is a steal in my eyes, goodluck! I hope its good enough to keep!

  11. No advice, you have done the proper thing

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