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  1. Don’t mix it up when the OP is armed with a bowling ball.

  2. Oh man, that will pay the salary of the entire A’s outfield!

  3. LA’s run of dominance is almost solely because of their farm development. They developed Buehler, Kershaw, Urias, Jansen, Bellinger, Seager, Pederson, Will Smith, and Lux who all played for them. Not to mention the draft capital they had to swing trades for Mookie, Scherzer, Trea Turner, etc…

  4. They spent crazy money for Beckett, AGon, Crawford and Punto deal where they gave up prospects and took on $250M of a total of $270M in contracts. Of course there were other hefty trades/contracts too.

  5. All true, but like the Dubs big spending has also shown, if you spend, fans will come. The Giants ownership is incredibly wealthy, and could spend much more, if they wanted to. Johnson maybe cheap, but he’s also 89, and won’t be the GP forever.

  6. The ADA act did a lot of good for those who need it. It also opened the door to many who will use any exception to their advantage. It seems legitimate to request the dogs ADA cert/papers. According to, ESA are not covered by the ADA act, however, certain states, like CA have extended ADA provisions to them. Not sure which legal jurisdiction holds sway in our oft confusing Republic -state sovereignty- model.

  7. He helped bring the 3-in-5. For them to shun him like that, that was wrong. Even if he wasn't as analytical as Farhan, let's say, he did PRODUCE when it came to the draft: Posey, MadBum, Timmy, Cain, Wilson, Romo, Panik (for a bit), who else am I missing?

  8. Don’t forget the trades/signings, which Sabean emphasized over the draft: Kent, Snow, Hamilton, Burks, Nen, Vizquel, Carter, Mesa, Galarraga, Alou, Sanders, Alfonzo, Morris, Finley, Hernandez, and Grissom.

  9. I love Noah Lowry and agree that he could have had a significantly better career if handled better. I don't know if he was really ever going to ascend to #1 potential. The best season of his career he was a fringe top 30 pitcher, given he was only 24.

  10. It was Dick Tidrow, former Giant’s Sr. Advisor to the President of Operations, and reliever for the mid ‘70s WS winning Yanks, who pushed hard for picking Bumgarner, Lincecum and Cain. He had a knack for picking pitchers. Tidrow died last year. SF native.

  11. He made some good and not so good trades. Don’t forget the controversial Matt Williams trade, which netted Jeff Kent, or the Liriano, Bonzer, and Joe Nathan for AJ Pierzinski. Still winning teams 13 out of 18 years, and the ‘02 WS. Pretty good by any measure.

  12. Counterpoint: Cain, Lincecum, Bumgarner, Posey, Belt, Crawford, Wilson, Romo, Panik, Duffy, and Wheeler.

  13. China has the most coal fired electrical plants in the world. Greater than the next 2, India and the US x 3. The single biggest thing we could do for air quality is eliminate them all. Natural gas, though not perfect, is far better and available.

  14. No thanks. Outside of Verstappen, F1 is a snooze fest. Too corporate, too removed, too little passing, too technical.

  15. If his injuries were from ‘14 and ‘19, when he was with the Astros, why didn’t Pete Putila, the former Astros Asst. GM and now new Giants GM, know or bring them up before offering a huge deal? Something is either off in the reporting or Putila was in the dark, or didn’t speak up. Whether it was that, Farhan or Johnson, none of the above is a great look for the franchise.

  16. My father was a pro scout for over 2 decades with the Braves and Royals. (He followed Dayton Moore to Atlanta and worked with him very briefly). I worked in the Braves' marketing department for a few years.

  17. Not a surprise. Wasn’t the Giants current GM, Pete Putla, was in Houston for 12 years, the last 3 as Asst. GM? How could he not have know about Correa’s injury before the offer???

  18. The Dodgers never signed Price, they took him as part of the deal to get Betts so they wouldn’t have to include one of their top prospects (I think it was Lux the Sox wanted) in the deal. Also he had 3 years and $96 mil left on the deal, half of which the Sox paid. It was not a bad deal at all from the Dodgers perspective

  19. I am sure you are right that Price was a “discounted” throw in to the Betts deal. Mookie’s a great player, but that contract will pay him many millions a year till 51. I used Price as an example, but could have highlighted their high price deals for Schmidt, Puig, Ramirez, Gonzales, Crawford and Beckett, etc. all of whom were past their primes.

  20. The Giants had to know about Correa’s condition before any offer was made. New GM, Pete Putin’s, was the Asst. GM in Houston while Correa was still there. If they didn’t, shame on them, if they did, shame on them. Just unprofessional all the way around.

  21. You pay more for short term deals. Aav is a poor way to look at it. Yes the giants pay more this year. But carlos rodon is a 6 year commitment and Correa a 13 year. Giants don't have the stomach for it.

  22. Yup. A’s style rent a player management. If they suck, the good thing is they aren’t here long enough to remember them.

  23. He’s a twit. To his credit he did console Mbappe after the match. Perhaps the only classy thing he did.

  24. Mbappe said south american football didn't have the level of the european and that countries like ours only get easy games in the WC. Besides, as far as i know he had some shitty attitudes against Neymar and Messi on the PSG.

  25. Oh come on now. Which country kidnapped the opposing sides best player in ‘78 and threaten his family if he went to Buenos Aires? There is nothing lower in sport. Even the HOG looks honorable by comparison.

  26. In street clothes no less. They need a 4 and 5 point line for him.

  27. Save time: Lewareary, covers all the bases

  28. It’s legal cause it’s worked for many hundreds of years. Paying depositors 3% and making mortgages for 5% with 20% down works 95%+ of the time.

  29. It’s sportswashing. Qatar spends 30x more $$$ than most, which tells you a lot about both parties. As long as they can pump natural gas for almost free they will spend $$$$ to try and diversify a country with scant other resources.

  30. JP will be fine. With no reliable spot up shooters and JK shooting more 3’s than drives, he’s carrying the load. His tendency is to over dribble, and not pass/cut enough. His defense is improving. Steph’s wasn’t great at 23. The second unit is incredibly inexperienced. They howled it last night. Kerr knows who he’s got now.

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