1. Genuinely, what is your relationship like aside from this mis-hap? Cause if y’all are like not great I’d probably use this as grounds to leave, but if it was truly an accident and maybe she just didn’t think clearly then I don’t think it needs to be as serious as leaving her. However I’d hope she at least buys a new one for you. Also making dinner and a foot massage would earn brownie points back 😂

  2. Shouldn’t cause any issues. At most depending on the wattage of the brick you might see a slower charge but it wont hurt anything.

  3. There’s an option that should do it automatically but how did you even mess it up that bad?

  4. Ascension is amazing. Got a half ounce for $99 of big solid buds from them too!

  5. Are any of these jobs entry level? I’ve recently had to quit my job because my girlfriend and I have a 9 month old and can’t find a sitter. We don’t really feel safe sending our kid to daycares in the area and they’re all too costly anyways.

  6. My lady works 9-5 and I do part time thirds till I find remote work

  7. Where’s a good place to look for jobs? Everything Im finding seems like they require a ton of experience or seem sketchy

  8. Reported. This post is sharing personal information. That's against Reddit policy. Why do you think Google street view blurs out license plates??!?

  9. There was a massive improvement a few months ago. Quality went up a bit, and input lag was reduced. Give it another shot on the iPad if you still have the subscription.

  10. I still struggle with most multiplayer games even with above the recommended internet speeds, but it has improved a bit!

  11. I always aim to have solid players in ever position even if it’s just one. There’s gotta be a playmaker that knows how to win in every aspect on the field. Usually stick around 85 or higher for my starting spot at every position and this really helps round the team out. 5e rest of it comes down to your coaches and play style. If you’re running air raid ,are sure you have an accurate QB that can bomb it accurately to a monster receiver or 2. You don’t have to worry about running backs much which would allow you to put more money into the O-line. 1 decent tight end should do you good if they’re a blocking end.

  12. Why is everyone assuming they’re talking about the beta? They could just be asking for future reference when the update drops

  13. I have a screen protector and folio case on my iPad Pro I got in January, hardly ever taken it out of the case and replaced the screen protector once and there’s not a scratch or chip anywhere on it! Just try to keep it out of harms way and you’ll be fine

  14. Portable monitor , first time hearing about it ! Dope

  15. Same, pretty neat concept. Im really enjoying such a portable work station with a small Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. A portable external display would be perfect for vacations

  16. Ive never had this issue with my 11inch? Is the mini LED only in the 12.9?

  17. I bought a second hand Logitech combo keyboard case for $80 that was practically brand new. Ain’t no way in hell I’m spending all that money on accessories. I also bought the pencil second hand. Both literally are mint and got them for a fraction of the price.

  18. Nice find! I was strongly considering getting the Logitech combo when I upgrade from this one after a while! Especially if I find one cheap like that!

  19. Nice find! I was strongly considering getting the Logitech combo when I upgrade from this one after a while! Especially if I find one cheap like that!

  20. Is the land covered in mountain? I notice they won’t build on top of thicker parts or mountains

  21. Try stream champ possibly. Not sure if you can record with it tho.

  22. World box didn’t even crash on my base 11. How much porn do you watch?

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