AITA: did not want bad coffee as a gift

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AITA for asking our daughter to spend less time with her boyfriend?

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AITA For not letting my ex take our kids out of state to go visit their grandfather who is in poor health

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  1. Welp, 100 north of me is English with a little more Wisconsin eh 100 miles south is English with more tang. Yes I can find Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese pretty easily, but English is pretty much it. And in rural America, it’s guaranteed English, as most cultural diversity is restrained to urban areas.

  2. Demographically across the nation, vast majority of the US’s cultural diversity that is not White English is restrained to more Urban areas. Huge swaths of the country are rural communities with descendants of white English settlers. Look at a census. Loooool no one is saying the US isn’t diverse. But whatevs 🙂

  3. Probably said in the heat of the moment, is everyone on this sub today absolutely perfect and they've never done anything like that?

  4. Ergo the ESH judgment. GF was stupid and finally got the obvious consequences, OP repeatedly called her a f-ing moron. Both these people definitely suck on this situation.

  5. Our kid went to a school with the same strict food rules. You left out the no peanuts rule. Packing lunch was a nightmare.

  6. Lol home school gang, we FEASTED baby. Though I didn’t get a lunchbox till college.

  7. I’m a professional metalsmith, and as such, get to install custom metalwork in rich people’s homes. Including some rich rich people’s homes. It is refreshing to know that having money does not necessarily give you taste. Many of the houses we’ve worked in are excellent examples of historical architecture or new construction in very good taste, but others… lol. Installed a two story staircase railing in a massive house being built for a family of a brand that you would know from the condiment aisle. There were cool parts to the house, but the kitchen had a friggin 8 ft sq marble island. How can you even clean the whole thing properly? Standing in one spot I could count eight sinks. Eight. Sinks. Why? As far as I can tell, younger generations with money build a house and feel the need to enclose as much square feet as possible, whether they actually need that much space or not. It can reflect poorly on the house’s design. Doesn’t help that nowadays people are getting their “design” inspiration from influencers, TikTok, and Pinterest and not actual master designers and craftsmen. Anyhoo.

  8. Yup!! Not to mention her swollen gums have gingivitis. It needs to be scaled asap and cleaned. Probably has lots of tartar in between the gaps of her teeth

  9. That’s what I noticed too. Besides pointless braces, it doesn’t look like she’s been properly cleaning with braces either. Looks soooo painful.

  10. Pointing out how flat or thick teen’s asses are is gross. Pointing out how flat or thick full grown women’s asses are is gross. Opinions on asses can be kept to yourself except when appreciating your own girlfriend’s ass.

  11. No. Columbia broke apart during reentry in 2003, Challenger exploded almost immediately after launch in 1986.

  12. Barfdick’s was the worst, though. I think we can all agree on that.

  13. So do I. Jewelry color actually depends on the outfit you are wearing as far as what looks best.

  14. I’m a jeweler, I love both silver and gold, both have great qualities. And yes, outfit should dictate jewelry, not skin tone. Metallics are neutrals, people. If you don’t like a metal color, cool, you don’t like it. But I’ve never seen silver or gold look weird on any skin tone, and using your skin color as a reason to not wear a particular metal is strange to me. Also, karat and finish affects color too. I guess I’m trying to say, please stop limiting yourselves because you didn’t like how a pair of earrings from JC Penny looked. Ok, sorry. Off my soap box.

  15. That’s the part that would piss me off, I think. If he’d brought it up at the beginning of the process, before she’d done all the work (and probably put down a bunch of deposits), it would be totally fine. As it is, it would make me wonder if this is how the entire marriage is going to go: I work my ass off, possibly for months, while he sits on his duff and does nothing, and then he comes along at the last minute and says we should change absolutely everything (and probably wants me to do all the work for his new idea, too).

  16. Excellent way to put it. That would probably be the part that would anger me the most, the content would just be the extra sting.

  17. Stupid question, how is it possible for a leaf to have a root attached?

  18. The leaves are on thick stems that sproot right down to roots. They’re connected, but you can split the root system up with a shovel and replant all the little leaf/root chunks and get more hosta next year. Great easy plant.

  19. I wouldn't want to live if I looked like that. I mean, how could he show emotion or talk?

  20. Before you say that, maybe listen to people who have actually been severely disfigured. They tend to be pretty thankful for how things turned out and lead productive lives.

  21. To my knowledge, they tend to suffer years of dismorphia and such, maybe eventually settling with it, but certainly if your face splits down the middle, then it's a fucking long road back

  22. Oh for sure. I absofreakinglutely never want to go through anything like that.

  23. She could have given them to someone else if you were honest. Instead you wasted her effort.

  24. That’s not how people work though. If she was honest and said she would never use them, the giving parties would feel terrible, embarrassed and unappreciated, meaning the offending yellow pants get boxed away out of sight. Not everything is about material waste, people’s emotions matter.

  25. it's actually known for being expensive and gimmicky - no one who knows what they're talking about claims it to be "good" coffee.

  26. OP seems like someone who has latched onto a hobby/preference as a personality.

  27. Breast is best. This is the medical consensus. Reddit leans into this disinformation heavily.

  28. Yes, breast is best, BUT…NOT EVERYONE CAN BREAST FEED. Then what are they supposed to do? I’ve never understood the guilt tripping of women whose bodies simply struggle to produce. At the end of the day, baby has to be fed somehow.

  29. This seems more like completely inhabitable and isolated. Youd have to walk down a whole Mountain to do groceries

  30. Please please kick him to the curb. No one deserves a “partner” like this, and he’s openly admitted he doesn’t even care about his own kid. From an outside perspective, he’s literally pulling your family apart by how much he sucks. Dump. Him.

  31. These guys have been drinking, it’s just guys being dudes.

  32. No, this is conspiracy. I’m sorry you think fantasizing killing your partner is a normal thing. And unfortunately for women, we can’t give this the benefit of the doubt because spouses, particularly husbands, kill their partners not infrequently.

  33. I always thought the baby gender conversation was weird when my wife was pregnant.

  34. I’m one of four daughters, and when I asked my dad if he ever had any preferences, he said no. He was happy enough to have four healthy children. I’m so glad my parents never enforced weird stereotypes on us.

  35. The whole not being allowed to date until 20 is insane, and I’m guessing OP has probably always been overbearing and there’s a reason her daughter didn’t want to tell them about her bf at first, this is most definitely a YTA situation.

  36. My first relationship was at 22. Just took that long to find a guy who actually put in effort and vibed with me. (He’s me hubs now, btw 🥰)

  37. My beloved grandmother was a shell of herself in her final days. It was difficult but I don’t regret going.

  38. Amen. Said goodbye to my Gramma last Wednesday, she passed the next evening. I’m so thankful I got to see her and tell her how much I loved her before she left. OP is being so cruel.

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