1. Ask her to use boric acid suppositories a few days before sex, for me personally any undesirable smells went away completely. I would actually say I have a lack of smell down there when I use them regularly. Shaving can help as hair holds onto smell, try to also lick with the tip of your tongue, you’ll get less taste that way, take advantage of using toys and fingers also

  2. That’s a nice dream :)) I’ve slept with one person ever and I can promise it wasn’t you

  3. My Homegirl just passed from doing K, it was laced with fet... please be careful

  4. Im so sorry for your loss! I do use test strips and buy from a veterinarian who crystallized it himself. I’ll be careful.. as careful as I can I guess

  5. You intentionally look bad in photos, because the idea of trying to look nice and the photos still turning out bad makes you feel insecure. Better to get roasted when you’re trying to look goofy then someone commenting on how you look in the day to day

  6. You’ve got an obvious coke nail hoping someone will offer you some, because you can’t afford to buy your own

  7. Yay!!!! Communication is always key babe!! Hopefully everything can work out for y’all. Also weed is not proven to enhance libido, some studies show it can lower it. If the gummies are working for you though, more power to you!

  8. Not cause any issues of insecurity, but with a history of the online addiction stuff, would there be a possibility that he’s putting all of his sexual energy into stuff like that again? Or maybe that was what really got him going and now that he doesn’t do it anymore sex is no longer interesting? Idk. I’m sorry you’re going through that.

  9. This happened to my best friend, she eventually had it removed

  10. I haven’t had a period yet since removing mine, but my nurse practitioner told me the first period would be heavy and painful. Maybe your cycle is just evening out still?

  11. Did you just get off birthcontrol by chance? A lot of these comments are totally right but this is the only thing I didn’t see someone else say. Our partners can smell different to us if we’re on birthcontrol vs off, it has to do with Pheromones. If you did just get off birth control maybe look into it

  12. That’s why I was thinking, I understand her needing her own bed but her whole own room?? And make the boys share a bed?? I would assume the boys were dating tbh

  13. And he’s still your boyfriend..? I don’t understand how you’ve put up with this

  14. Hey! Take a breath man. You’ll be okay, this isn’t the end of the world. You need to get your porn addiction under control. Too much porn is bad for your brain, and the more you watch the crazier stuff you’ll start to watch. Cut out all porn, and cut yourself a break. There are things in the world than potentially being attracted to men. YOURE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!

  15. Ketamine doesn't make you sick, potentially some bacteria was spread either from your partners in Krime, or whatever you used to snort. Maybe it was airborne bacteria from any of the people you were around.

  16. I used my own spoon and had my own bag. I’ve never had this happen before so maybe it was just a cold creeping up on me and I just happened to do K around the same time. I just felt like the K itself was cutting my nose and throat up.

  17. If it’s hard no for you then don’t let him make you feel bad about it!! Stand up for yourself and don’t let him push your boundaries in a negative way just for the sake of a nut. It’s really not that big of a deal to not have your ass ate, sounds like you’ve compromised enough

  18. I feel aslong as they’re comfortable with it and all it is is cuddling there isn’t anything too strange about it. My dad and I always cuddled on the couch when I was young, and as I got older I started to become uncomfortable so I told him and he stopped asking. I used to call cuddling “lay-u-me” just meaning laying with you and me. He would always ask if I wanted to “lay u me” and if I didn’t want to he wasn’t upset about it. He passed away when I was 15 and I would do anything to have one last “lay u me” or cuddle with my dad. R.I.P. Dad 💛

  19. 100 percent a troll account. Two posts, both heavy racist underlining.

  20. Or just a racist who knows what they’re saying is wrong and hurtful so they don’t have balls to say it on their personal page haha

  21. Honestly my boyfriend is bicurious and it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Some girls are really into men, and seeing men together excites them, just how a lot of men would want to see their girlfriend or partner give or receive oral from another woman. It’s only weird if you make it weird.

  22. I ate an hour before hand, after eating I took prescribed anti nausea medication and 800 mg of ibuprofen. The cramps can get pretty rough, and the pills alone will make you pretty nauseas. I recommend eating the BRAT diet for the morning; bread, bananas, rice, toast. Things that generally help nausea and are easy to digest. I had my pill abortion about two and half weeks ago to date. I did eat a light dinner when I was feeling up to it after I passed the pregnancy. Hope this helps!

  23. Yes it does thank you!!! Do you know how many hours after u ate dinner??? It’s telling me online I can’t eat, but I don’t remember my doctors telling me that

  24. I took the ibuprofen and anti nausea around 4:30pm, and then took the abortion pills (I did the ones where you put 4 in your mouth and let them dissolve for 30 mind) around 5:30pm. I passed the pregnancy fully by 7:00pm and probably ate around 9pm or so. I haven’t heard anything about not being able to eat afterwards, I went through planned parenthood and my drs never mentioned anything about it. It didn’t seem to effect anything in the slightest so if you’re hungry I would say eat something. Your body will absorb the pill either way. If you’re really worried, maybe call your dr and ask??

  25. I definitely have done this and like it!! My boyfriend and I sometimes like to play into the DDLG dynamic and I will literally suck on it like it’s a pacifier. It usually does lead to sex because I can’t think of a time where his dick was in my mouth and he didn’t want to fuck me after, so I can’t say he’s ever fallen asleep. He seems to enjoy it and find it sexy as well.

  26. Yeah that’s usually when it happens! I don’t really plan for it, it’s just usually when my head is resting on his stomach and we’re watching movies in bed or something similar

  27. My boyfriend and I are both into it. I’m not interested in it being on my face or in my mouth at all, and he’s the same way, but anywhere else is not off limits. I didn’t really know I was into it until he asked to try it. We’re both very open and honest with our kinks but he seemed a little embarrassed to bring it up. I asked him what he wanted to try specifically and he pulled up a porn video of what he was interested in. We tried it and both of us really seemed to like it. Since then I’ve seemed to be more interested in it then he is!

  28. i hope my future partner is as open about it as you are! one of my biggest fears is that i bring it up, and theyre just disgusted by the idea of it.

  29. My boyfriend and I are both also really into age play so having “accidents” connects both fetishes.

  30. He definitely tested the waters before bringing it up. One time I was riding him and mentioned that we needed to stop because I desperately needed to pee (we were drinking wine and it goes through me like crazy), he just said he wasn’t going to stop so if I had to go it was going to be with him inside me. It kinda took me a second to comprehend what he just said, and after a few days he just came out and asked if I would be willing to try it. We’re both very sexually adventurous. I will pretty much try anything once or twice and then decide if I really am not interested. From the beginning of the relationship you kinda have to establish that type of thing, and not every person is so open. But if it’s something you’re really interested in, don’t let anyone shame you for it, especially your partners. If they’re not interested they can tell you in a nice way. If they do shame you, that is NOT a girl you want to be with anyways. You’ll never know who’s truly into it until you ask, or until they try it!! I would’ve never known if he hadn’t brought it up to me.

  31. Usually when anyone masturbates the goal isn’t to lay there for a long period of time. Porn has warped the idea of what masturbation really is. Vibrators are quick and easy. Most women that I personally know, a long with myself, say clitoral stimulation is usually the go to. It’s easy to orgasm when you hit the right spot and hold it there. The clit has over 8,000 nerve endings so it’s the easiest way to reach climax. All women are different so how they play with themselves alone in the bedroom are going to be different, but when you’re alone it’s typically more about efficiency. Dildos and rabbits and all that can be fun, but I hardly use penetration while masturbating.

  32. Most places like planned parenthood and clinics will prescribe those because you probably will need it. I’m taking my abortion pills today so I can let you know how it goes, but extreme cramping and nausea are really common side effects! Do what feels best for your body though!

  33. I would have got the medication but I only had saved just enough for the abortion medication and appointment. Didn’t have $30 to spare. But I’ll survive.

  34. The ibuprofen really came in handy for me, I just finally passed the worst of it I think, but some hot tea helped the nausea and a heating pad really helped! Good luck!! :))

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