I think my roommate is starving, what can I "accidently" make in bulk?

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  1. This is a false document intended to discredit anyone who goes into this line of thinking

  2. Wow, now that’s a dark roux. Looks amazing. Give your gran my compliments.

  3. Last week of January is my guess. I have no clue what it could be about. Really really looking forward to it though.

  4. So that’s where they got the character idea for Lone Watie in Josey Wales

  5. Only way to stop this is massive protests (won’t happen). Politicians need to fear that their career will end if they support things like this. But people are so seperated because the left/right ruse that they cannot come together as one. So politicians really have nothing to fear. Very sad state of affairs. I.

  6. Those fuckers have been sued (and found guilty) many many times. Sadly all they ever get is a fine. I’m sure they see it as a price of doing business. They’re not a good company. They’re not good people. Never have been. It’s all about money

  7. Please don’t listen to jerks. That’s a fascinating account, and very interesting pictures. I wish I had an idea what that could be. I bet it’s something you will never forget. Thanks for the post

  8. Honestly I think a very large corporations do studies that indicate where the absolute breaking point of the average man is as far as prices are concerned. They will push it to that point every time. Hell they’ll push it past that point to see if they can keep it. Insatiable greed. Hard to comprehend agreed on that level. Edit: “what the market can bear”

  9. Who that girl? I skimmed through a couple other posts of this and couldn’t get a quick answer. Some girl from Survivor ?

  10. I don't know if Dan has a six episode Alexander series in him at this point. It is obvious that he puts a lot of pressure on himself and I wonder if he is just getting sick of doing this. Dan is 57 and I think we need to accept that the best of Hardcore History might be behind us.

  11. I think everyone on this sub thinks you are wrong. Very wrong

  12. You make a good point. Maybe I’m just thinking about not having another Hardcore history episode to look forward to. That would be terrible. But I would think at this point in his career he could take his time and find something he is passionate about. He’s completely in the driver seat with many devoted fans. I just don’t see him throwing in the towel anytime soon.

  13. Well, actually, the flu wasn't on hiatus! Lots and lots of people had it in '19 and '20... It was just rebranded and monetized.

  14. I think the Nazi's actions tend to overshadow everyone else. The industrial nature of the killing was something the world hadn't seen before. I dunno if its just that but the Japanese didn't seem to face the same justice the Nazis did. Also, I understand that pretty much everyone committed war crimes but we tend to hear mostly about German or Russian the most. I dunno if it was because of how WW1 ended and lead to WW2 or what but for whatever reason it never seems like enough justice was done but then again I don't even know what you would do.

  15. We fire bombed their cities, taking out several entire cities a week towards the end of the war. We burned alive hundreds of thousands of their civilians. We fire bombed Tokyo and may have killed over 100,000 people in one night.We got our justice. I don’t know if the Chinese really got theirs. Edit: oh yeah and we nuked them

  16. One of the first podcasts I ever listened to. It took forever but I made it the whole way through. Excellent

  17. I’ve been away for awhile. You are one things I missed most about Reddit. I could eat that ass for days.

  18. Looks like they could launch this from pretty much any truck. Doesn’t have to be a ridiculously expensive Raptor.

  19. Its all about shoot & scoot, works especially well from places other vehicles can't get to.

  20. I bet that power could make a difference if you need to really get the hell out.

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