1. Bruh this whole thread was a roller coaster of emotions for me! 😂 In the end, it’s all good! Only a fuzzy!

  2. Haven’t tried the others but that SSO is one of my favs. Has always been on point.

  3. The Arnie Palmer #2 is one of my favs, but this Pink Certz holds its own too! Very nice strain

  4. Ooo nice. Certified has a Blueberry strain. Thanks for posting. Gonna keep an eye out!

  5. Congrats and Enjoy!!! Awesome moment! Very solid choices as well. Personally that SSO is one of my favs in the program.

  6. Very true! Will have to try this strain. I always try to have some Super Sour Orange on hand. One of my favorites

  7. 23rd - Columbia Care - build your own sale 15% off 150 20% off 200 30% off 300

  8. If you're terps Hunter like me. Crank it up Arnie Palmer #2. Terps🚀

  9. I have the legs on the left haha. Been debating for a bit about upping legs to twice a week. They definitely lag behind my other muscle groups.

  10. Metabolic - Peanut Butter Cookie or Butter Pecan Cookie. Trust me bro 🍪

  11. do a lot of lateral raises and bent over lateral raises. if you already do, try dropping the weight considerably. for a long time i ego lifted and swung like a mad man when doing lateral raises, and my delt gains took a hit subsequently. lower it to a point you can feel the contraction and add a little pause with a slow negative. i went from ego lifting 35 right down to doing 10s, perfecting my form and then working my way back up from there. drop sets are good to, to really get to feel them more

  12. Nice! What size tent? Looks about perfect for what I’m looking at.

  13. Ive been working almost 3 weeks now and nothing yet. Must be like the other said. Only if management or workplace injury occurs 🤷‍♀️

  14. I have a 2010. 3 clicks on the the unlock button and hold on the 3rd click will make the front windows go down.

  15. Tried these both and both are top notch Lemon dosido is one of my go to strains,buckeye relief put out a good consistent product.

  16. The orange actually surprised me by actually tasting and smelling a bit like orange🤷‍♀️

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