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  1. Fish, workout, write music, climb, read, waste hours on my phone, hunt. I spent years of my life and childhood addicted to doing nothing but video games and it really sucked me in hard and stunted me in a lot of ways.

  2. Crazy how 5 minutes on YouTube can change your whole day.

  3. Good for them. I hope they're able to make their bills and live comfortably. Same for us.

  4. Agreed, Hopefully Tim’s act gets traction!

  5. Lol I live down south RGV and shit tons of mesquite down here. Have to weedeat the vegetation below if you’re trying to chop down some trees. Oh and wear pants and boots. Tons of thorns

  6. Lol isn't that the truth? Yall get any rain down there recently? We're holding out this week in the hopes of a few inches.

  7. For context: This is an old dead mesquite that had a pretty gnarly back lean towards a bunch of tree pots and other farm brickabrack we didn't want to mess up. Standard face cut and back cut and walked it over with the wedges easily enough but the problem with trees in Texas is that alot of canopies of Ashe Juniper, Persimmon, Mesquite, and Live Oak grow together bound by invasive vines. Getting things on the ground safely without getting hung up can sometimes be a chore. This area is soon going to be a hang out and relax spot with tables and chairs in the shade. The mesquite from this tree will be used to run a smoker all day long

  8. If you can’t do this job sober, you shouldn’t do it at all. We’re heroes. We need to act like it.

  9. W-TREX but other than that i've only ever encountered all female convict crews. However, i'm aware of some friends on an all female helitack crew including their pilot but i believe that's just coincidence.

  10. Texas smoke jumpers is always a great beginner crew

  11. Wait so you're fighting grass fires on an engine and you're consistently eating smoke thus implying you're downwind and have unburnt fuel between you and the fire? And this is a regular thing? My guy you may have bigger strategic issues at hand here.

  12. Considering how toileting can introduce microtears which can introduce blood into the stool, and chances are people have small tears in their mouth area, I would imagine it certainly is possible assuming the person isn’t taking any medications for HIV, but the bigger question is why?

  13. Why? Why do people climb everest? Why do people ride motorcycles? We're a species meant to push the boundaries of the human experience my friend. But safely.

  14. I’m just trying my best to forget the crotch shot

  15. Some moose knuckles just stay with ye. I sucked em up to save yalls eyes

  16. I think he just wanted to show us his daisy dukes 😂😂

  17. Nah. We go through too much to not let some of that ache out when ya need. You got your boys to help you through. Thug life? Nah son, drop the "T" and bring it here.

  18. Typical Tuesday news cycle really. Saudis retaliate with multiple airstrikes and fund sabotage and terror cells throughout the country killing lots of civilians. Maybe attacking houthi leadership. It's an opportunity for an invasion into the country as well that would most likely be supported by the US with weapons and money. Back here maybe there's a spike in oil prices but honestly it's just another brown people conflict in a foreign sounding country and nobody cares.

  19. Try heading down the river. Between merlin and the blm station at rand there are a bunch of little beaches to camp on...

  20. Idris Elba. Dude definitely has the depth, acting skills, bad-assery, and all around gravitas to give Bond a fresh face.

  21. The fact that I mean it when I say "Get anything on the menu" and I'm not just trying to be polite.

  22. Earth based landfills already work pretty well, and we still have plenty of room for more. Investing in better landfill liners or recycling programs would be much, much more efficient at mitigating pollution than trying to fling our garbage into space.

  23. Do they? I don't know much about the environmental impact of landfills other than the sort of lack of decomposition and wildlife impact depending on the area.

  24. The moon isn't a planet though. It's a giant rock in our orbit devoid of all life. What environmental impact would it have? What would it pollute on a barren land?

  25. Can anyone vouch for the width of archetypes? Right now I'm looking into them and they would be slightly lighter than my formations, but I'm wondering how it would ride. I would imagine with a 25c tire it would feel pretty supple and slightly more grippy. Also with silver archetypes, do brakes noticeably mess up the surface after a while?

  26. with the silver rims you wont have to worry about the breaks effecting the surface to bad just run a towel over them occasionally. purely cosmetic.

  27. Looking at handlebars. Is 26mm just shorthand for 25.4 or are they actually different sizes? If if they're different how compatible are stems/bars?

  28. You can use a shim to put 25.4 into 26.0 but not vice versa. Also you can make shims using tubes if need be

  29. I've lived in Austin my whole life... PM me a general area of town and I bet I can hunt this up.

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